A US Federal Judge on the DACA Case Blasts the Vicious Comments by President Trump


On Tuesday, a US federal judge said that he would no longer turn a deaf year in what he termed as vicious statements about Latinos and other non-whites made by US president Donald Trump. He said that he would take the comments into considerations when he offers a ruling on whether or not to block the decision by Trump to end the program. The program which was introduced by the Obama administration gives protection from deportation for immigrants who were brought to the US illegally while they were children.

Nicholas Garaufi who served as a US District Judge made the statement at a hearing in Brooklyn, New York that the comments by the Republican president presented some tangible evidence that his decision to rescind Your text to link…the DACA program in September was motivated by Trump’s animus towards non-whites including Latinos. The judge said that such a move was in complete violation of the US constitution and the nation’s founding documents which states that all men are created equal and have the right to be protected under US law. Garaufi stated that for the last 230 years of American history, such things were far from ordinary as he referred to comments by President Trump on Twitter and in other public forums. Judge Garaufi termed the president’s statements as Vicious, Recurring and extreme.

However, the district judge did not give any specification of the comments from president Trump from which he was talking about. Critics of the Trump administration have for times without number pointed to the fact that the president had said that Mexico was intentionally sending murders and rapists into the US. Critics have also pointed out the president’s mean words about a US federal judge who has a mixed heritage from both Mexico and the United States. Stephen Pezzi who is an attorney at the US Department of Justice said that it was far-fetched for Judge Garaufi to conclude that any action that affected Latinos disproportionately was unconstitutional or as a direct result of the comments that the president had made in the past about Latinos.

Another attorney for the plaintiffs, Karen Tumlin said that the trump administration was in the violation of federal law by abruptly ending the DACA program without giving any explanation as to why the program had been rescinded. The US government under Trump’s leadership has ordered the expiration of the Differed Action Against Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in March this year.


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