Visit a Mighty Fortress Church Near You


According to the Bible, the purpose of a church building is sacred. In the Old Testament, ancient Jews believed that the house of God was irrevocably holy, and there were strict rules regarding its use. Modern Christians do not have rules that are quite as strict, but the church is still regarded as a Mighty Fortress for believers.

This mindset explains why many churches around the country have chosen this moniker as their own. The list below includes a sampling of these congregations in order to help readers learn more.

1. Kettering, Ohio. This Ohio church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. This affiliation of Lutheran churches allows for broad connections to be made across the country, uniting believers in a common faith. In general, this Lutheran brotherhood values unity, and the Mighty Fortress Church in Kettering has comprehensive services with worship, teaching, fellowship and sacramental observation. The church is influenced by the leadership of Pastor Ronald H. Wean, who has a particular interest in healing trauma through the church experience. By its own admission, the congregation here is small, but the spirit is mighty all the same. This church proves that might does not come from size or numbers. Instead, might is proven in the steadfast nature of its members.

2. San Antonio, Texas. Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship may be a Baptist church, but its take on worship and fellowship is innovative and modern. The church actively seeks to fulfill the Great Commission through making disciples. This means that the church is structured to invite in new believers, and additional church programs are designed to take people deeper in their faith. The fellowship is supportive of families, and there are children’s ministries that are designed to reach kids of all ages. Although the church is led by a leadership team, Lead Pastor Sammy Lopez is an integral part of the service. His dynamic preaching style attracts people from all walks of life, and his unique life story allows him to easily connect with new believers. He frequently talks about his previous career in arena football, and those colorful stories are especially popular. These reasons and more are why so many believers call Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship their church home.

3. Nova Scotia, Canada. The Mighty Fortress Church may be across the northern border in Canada, but it is well worth a visit. Located in the city of Louisbourg, the building itself is quaint from the outside. However, the simple white exterior is set against the magnificent background of the nearby bay. Poised in this manner, this small church has weathered many storms, which is a perfect metaphor for the Christian lifestyle. This church may be a bit off the beaten track, but it perfectly exemplifies what the concept of a mighty fortress is truly all about. Even if you are not interested in attending a worship service, this picturesque church can still warrant a few photos thanks to its majestic backdrop.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota. This Minnesota church deeply values the community. With its presence in the Minneapolis area, the church seeks to serve in as many ways possible. That is why the church has many outreach programs. The church also focuses on personal discipleship. This is the means by which this church equips its members to go and serve more effectively within the community. All this is possible with the unparalleled leadership of Bishop Thomas Williams. He has served in the kingdom of God for the past 30 years, and he uses his experiences to better serve his local congregation. He has extensive training, having studied at North Central University and Bethel University and Seminary. His credentials in this regard may be impressive, but he still seeks to provide an authentic worship experience each Sunday.

5. Rock Island, Illinois. Mighty Fortress Community Church is perfectly positioned to best serve believers in the Quad Cities area. This church endeavors to serve a modern community with the timeless will of God. This can be a tricky task, but it is one that this congregation tackles with integrity and enthusiasm. In addition to its weekly services, the church also provides several critical ministries. This includes the Christian Care Center, which supports the homeless in the area. Members are also encouraged to support King’s Harvest Ministries in order to provide food and shelter to those in the most need. There are five pastors on staff, and the congregation is led by founding pastor Reverend Tom Schillinger. Other staff members include dedicated pastors for worship, youth, outreach and more.

These diverse congregations are excellent examples of what the Mighty Fortress Church means to Christian believers. As different as these churches are, they all share the same faith in an everlasting God. You can learn more by visiting any of these congregations soon.


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