The Warrantless Surveillance Program has been Extended


On Thursday, the House of Representatives converged and voted to push the warrantless surveillance program by the National Security Agency by six years. Only a few changes will be made on this program. In the past, some lawmakers had made attempts to put into place some privacy limitation in the program mainly because it looks through the private communications of Americans such as emails, texts and phone calls. The vote centered on a law that allowed the government to have access to any contacts made by companies in the United States such as the AT&T and Google, with any person outside the United States, even though they are American citizens. The law was put in place in 2008 by Congress as a way of making the warrantless surveillance program that was a secret, legal. The program was created after the terrorist attack that America faced in September 2001.

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump posted a Tweet expressing his skepticism about the government surveillance. This tweet came shortly after a segment looking into the issue was aired on the Fox and Friends. The Tweet went notwithstanding the fact that a statement issued by the White House on Wednesday night called upon Congress to block any attempts to limit the National Security Agency. The new legislation ought to pass in the Senate. Only a few senators seem to be in favor of the change in the law. With the 256 to 164 vote, the much-heated debate regarding surveillance that enshrined in the year 2013 will come to an end. The Senate began looking into the House bill on Thursday. It is expected that the Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul and his counterpart from Oregon Ron Wyden will oppose measures to consider the proposal.

Before the vote, the House dismissed the proposed amendment that would call for new safeguards. The proposed amendment would require the officials to get warrants before reading any message. Those who supported the change said that it was needed so that it can preserve the privacy rights. Over 55 members of the Democratic Party voted against the amendment.The intelligence and security officials, however, said that there was no need to put restrictions towards the government if it intends to get access to information for any security reason. Eventually, all the information that will be collected by the program will be used to investigate crimes that are not related to terrorism.


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