YouTube Drops Star Logan Paul


On Wednesday, YouTube announced to have dropped one of its most popular stars known as Logan Paul. Logan held one of the top advertising positions in the company. The tech company also suspended the production of a YouTube movie that Mr. Paul was set to appear. At the end of December 2017, Mr. Paul was highly criticized for posting a video from a Japanese forest that is believed to be a suicide destination. The video seemed to show the body of a dead person hanging on a tree. Out of criticism, Mr. Pall pulled off the video and conveyed apologies to his followers. He called the decision to post the video as misguided. It was only a week later that Mr. Paul was fired. The action by YouTube whose parent company is Google serves to show how the company is dealing with controversial content. The issue of unwanted content is becoming clear especially now that online services are slowly replacing TVs, especially among the young generation.

When YouTube stars Such as Mr. Paul present unconventional content on the mainstream media, this presents a problem. The YouTube spokesperson Jessica Mason revealed that it is the recent events that made YouTube resolve to drop Mr. Paul from Google Preferred. With Google Preferred, individuals who create content are assured of getting access to the revenue collected from advertisers. Ms. Mason also said that all YouTube pending projects that involved Mr. Paul would be delayed. After Mr. Paul’s post, many people began criticizing YouTube for not taking any action against him. All it had done was issuing a statement indicating that it prohibits any form of violent videos on its platform. It has also sent its condolence to the family and friends of the man in the video.

Of all YouTube stars, none has managed to create a massive following like Mr. Paul. He has over 15.7 million followers on Vlog. His popularity is not limited to YouTube. This year, he is expected to star in a Movie known as Valley Girl. Since posting his apology video on his vlog, Mr. Paul has not added any other post. When she was requested to give a comment, his spokesperson declined to speak. It is to be noted that Mr. Paul is not the first stars to be dropped by YouTube, in 2017, it let go Felix Kjellberg after reports that his video had anti-Semitic comments.


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