Conservatives Are In a Rush for the Exits to Imperil the Midterm Hopes of President Trump


Many Republican legislators are rushing for the exits on the Halls of Washington in an exodus that has significantly raised hopes for Democratic lawmakers of shifting the balance of power in Capitol Hills. The Republican legislator, Congressman Trey Gowdy who made headlines when he campaigned for the investigation of Hillary Clinton on Wednesday announced that he would retire. Gowdy became the 38th Republican lawmaker to announce that they would be giving up their position in Congress since President Donald Trump went to the White House early last year.

Gowdy and a host of other conservative legislators gave a standing ovation to President Trump when he gave his State of the Union address and cheered and chanted USA while applauding the president’s agenda. However, it is somehow ironical that the same legislator have alluded that they are now tired of spending time in the halls of Washington and that they can no longer withstand the chaos that is currently disseminating from the White House and the anger being expressed by the electorate. The forthcoming midterm elections that are scheduled for November this year give the Democratic Party a strong chance of winning all the 24 seats that they require to regain control of the US Capitol. This is a serious threat to the White House as it may jeopardize President Trump’s agenda.

Just this week, Congressman Gowdy became the second most senior conservative lawmaker to announce that he was set to retire from Washington after Rodney Frelinghuysen from New Jersey who has served as a US congressman for 12 terms. The two Congressmen chaired some very powerful House committees on national finance and oversight. Gowdy and Frelinghuysen have followed 23 three other Republican lawmakers who have announced that they are retiring from office after the midterm elections in November. A further 11 congressmen will vacate from their positions to contest for a higher position as state governors or in the Senate while there are an additional three Republican Senators who are leaving office.

On the other hand, there is only one Democratic senator and 15 Congressmen who are vacating from Capitol Hill. Midterm resident has proven to be unforgiving and detrimental even to the most popular presidencies. For instance, President Obama’s Democratic Party lost control of the House and Senate in 2010 where they lost 63 seats to the Republican Party. This happened at a time when President Obama had an approval rating of 45%.


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