Democrats Expand Map Of Target Congressional Seats


Both major political parties in the United States always have Congressional seats that they would like to win in an election. Since the entire House of Representatives is always up for election every two years, it is not surprising that the Parties spend a lot of time thinking about all of this.

Each Party understands that there are certain seats which are simply too far from their reach to make them worth any consideration at all. These are seats in areas that are clearly going to vote one way or the other. You might think of safe Republican seats as being in places like Utah or Oklahoma. Safe Democratic seats might be in places like San Francisco and Vermont. While those seats are definitely off of the target map for the Parties, they do have some places that they would like to compete aggressively.

The Democrats have recently expanded their map of target seats to include a grand total of 101 seats they wish to vie for at this time says NBC News. That is the largest list of target seats in a decade as Democrats truly believe that it is likely that they have a good shot at going after a big portion of seats currently held by Republicans.

Democrats understand that they are unlikely to win all of the 101 seats that they are targeting. They also know that they will probably end up losing certain seats to Republicans in areas where they are particularly vulnerable. Both of those things can be true at the same time. Still, the Democrats know that as long as they net some seats they are still in good shape.

The ultimate goal for the Democrats in this election is to work their way up to a majority in the House of Representatives. They are gunning for the Senate as well, though they admit that this is a tougher road to climb.

The very fact that the Party sees its odds as being this strong at this point in the cycle is something to applaud them for. They have made it this far and have a pretty good chance of reclaiming the House of Representatives in the next election as well.

Many Democrats are thrilled that the election is coming up as soon as it is. They have been ready ever since the results came in from the 2016 election and they watched in horror as Donald Trump was elected President. Now, the other side is ready to have their moment in the spotlight.


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