Dr. Mark Holterman Wants To Support Global Healthcare Innovations


Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric physician in the Chicago area. His surgical skills are advanced, and many people give him positive ratings online because of his patience and kindness. In addition to helping kids in the Chicago area, Dr. Holterman donates his money, time and skills to help children in other parts of the world.


Dr. Holterman’s Path To Success

Since Dr. Holterman loves Chicago and is devoted to helping children there, most people who meet him are surprised to learn that he did not grow up in the area. Dr. Holterman grew up in Wisconsin on his family’s farm. As a boy, he helped his family with chores on the farm. When he was a teenager, he worked for his father’s construction business. Dr. Holterman’s history of hard work during his childhood gave him the skills to succeed in his studies. After he graduated from high school in 1976, he went to Yale University with a scholarship.


Dr. Holterman graduated from Yale four years later and started his studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine (https://health.usnews.com/doctors/mark-holterman-3618). He also completed his general surgery residency there. While he was in Virginia, he met another medical student named Ai-Xuan and fell in love. Although she did not originally plan to become a pediatric surgeon, Ai-Xuan decided on that path after she saw Dr. Holterman’s passion for it. They got married and eventually had children. After their time in Virginia, Dr. Holterman and his family moved to Seattle. He completed his pediatric surgery fellowship there. The family moved to Montreal afterward, and his wife finished her surgical training during that time. While she did that, Dr. Holterman focused on immunology research. The Holtermans moved to the Chicago area after their time in Canada.


Dr. Holterman’s Work To Improve Pediatric Care

In several interviews, Dr. Holterman expressed his passion to help save the lives of children. He embraces challenges and is known for making quick but accurate critical diagnoses. Today, one of his biggest dreams is to make healthcare accessible for all children. He believes that kids should be able to see a skilled doctor and receive the most innovative medical care available. One area of medicine that he is passionate about is stem cell therapy. Dr. Holterman hopes to make stem cell therapies more accessible to children in Chicago and in other parts of the world.


One of Dr. Holterman’s contributions to furthering stem cell research was starting the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. He co-founded the non-profit organization to help communicate the importance of cellular treatments with doctors all over the world. Also, Dr. Holterman helped form an organization called IPSAC-VN. It consists of pediatric specialists who work together to help children in Vietnam by advancing medical and surgical care. In addition to helping with organizational tasks, Dr. Holterman makes financial contributions to IPSAC-VN (Twitter).


Members of IPSAC-VN often travel to Vietnam to provide free surgeries or treatments for children. Some members donate vital pieces of medical equipment that healthcare facilities in Vietnam cannot afford. With access to better technologies, Vietnamese doctors can improve pediatric care. One of the top goals of IPSAC-VN is to create new healthcare facilities throughout the country. The organization focuses on rural areas where there are fewer resources. Although IPSAC-VN’s physical contributions make up a considerable part of its impact in Vietnam, its training missions are also important. The organization helps Vietnamese medical students develop important surgical skills. Also, surgeons who are involved in the organization help train existing Vietnamese surgeons by teaching them new techniques.


One part of the program includes bringing Vietnamese doctors to the United States to study. They spend about two months learning new skills. In addition to receiving valuable training, the Vietnamese surgeons may participate in research projects. This allows for more powerful idea development that benefits both adults and children in Vietnam.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s Investments In Healthcare Innovations

Dr. Holterman wants to improve medical technologies all over the world, and he wants to see positive changes for every age group. This is why he helped form Mariam Global Health. The organization connects medical technology startups with ample funding. Dr. Holterman spends hours reading about new proposed technologies, and he determines how useful they may be to humans. If an idea may serve a considerable portion of the global population, Dr. Holterman recommends it to his colleagues.


The team members at Mariam Global Health discuss ideas and determine if they should be funded, have already been developed or are not feasible to develop. Some ideas may take too long to develop and may be too expensive to implement. Dr. Holterman knows how important proper funding is to make a medical startup work. In the past, he tried to develop some ideas but was unable to get adequate funding. However, he said that his own struggle to get funding in one instance was a blessing since it gave him multiple opportunities to modify and perfect his business plan.


With funding from Mariam Global Health, medical entrepreneurs who do not receive promised funds from other investors can still bring their good ideas to life and grow at a faster rate. Dr. Holterman’s expertise is valued by the organization when it comes to identifying entrepreneurs with the highest potential. As someone who has multiple decades of research experience, Dr. Holterman is good at identifying talented innovators and researchers as well as good ideas. He won the American Diabetes Association’s Innovative Research Award in 2001. Although Mariam Global Health’s goal is to help medical startups through financial assistance, Dr. Holterman also serves as a mentor to individuals who are still developing ideas for startups. He helps point them in the right direction for business, technology and medical research.


Dr. Holterman plans to continue his work with Mariam Global Health and with IPSAC-VN. He is excited to see how stem cell therapies improve medical treatments in the coming years and is especially interested in startups that are related to such therapies. He also plans to continue serving as a trusted pediatric surgeon in the Chicago area.


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