The Government Of Bashar-al-Assad Levels Massacre Accusations Against Washington


The Syrian government has accused the United States of orchestrating a brutal massacre by dropping bombs in the province of Deir-al-Zour. The artillery and air strikes that happened overnight led to the deaths of more than 100 fighters who were pro-government near River Euphrates according to reports released by the US military. Other reports from the Pentagon also indicated that there were some mercenaries from Russia who also perished in the attack. However, the Kremlin has categorically denied any claims that it had a military or civilian population in the area.

The Air and artillery strikes from American and coalition forces happened in the eastern part of Syria in the middle of the Euphrates Valley which has for a long time been a non-official boundary for the two warring factions. The Democratic Syrian Forces which are backed by the United States military control the Eastern side while the regime led by Bashar-al-Assad controls the western side of the valley. The two warring factions have for the past year collided on multiple occasions in efforts to drive the Islamic state fighters popularly known as ISIS from their last stronghold in Syria. The United States said that the pro-government forces crossed the red line that had been agreed upon earlier by both parties.

The US authorities added that the Syrian government forces organized and executed an attack on the Syrian Democratic forces without any form of provocation near the Khusham town on Wednesday this week. The American officials added that the assault was carried out using mortars, multiple-launch rocket systems, heavy artillery which were all backed up by more than 500 soldiers from the pro-government faction. A news channel in Syria known as Al-Ikhbariyah reported that the bomb attack left dozens of people either dead or seriously wounded and said that the insurgents that the Us military identified as pro-government fighters were civilians from the local area.

An Observatory for human rights in Syria which is sponsored by a monitoring group based in the United Kingdom reported that the fighters were local tribesmen who pledged their loyalty to the Assad regime and Shia militiamen from Afghanistan. One of the fighters from the Syrian democratic force which is comprised of mostly Arab and Kurd fighters allegedly sustained wounds in the attack. However, there were no casualties that have been reported from the US military. A source from the Pentagon said that there were mercenaries that were deployed in the area from Moscow and who died in the attack.


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