New Yorkers protests against the deportation of Activist Ravi Ragbir


On Saturday, thousands of New Yorkers went to the roads to protest and support an immigrant from the Caribbean countries of Trinidad and Tobago from being deported. The protestors said the activist was only speaking himself out and the authorities had no right to apprehend and later deport him for merely exercising his right. Ravi Ragbir the activist was on Saturday facing a removal from the United States. According to the jury, his case was ruled that he can stay in the country while his lawsuit was still being argued. Ragbir, 53, was under intense pressure from the authorities where he had to check in with the federal immigration department in Lower Manhattan.

The protestors staged the rally at the New Sanctuary of New York City. Ragbir marched the demonstrators where they went preaching that the authorities’ immigration policies were all racist. When interviewed with certain newspaper Ragbir asked if at all he was a threat to the nation’s security and if at all he had any connections with Russia. With demonstrators strongly and firmly standing behind him he continued to say that there was a movement that was set to deport people according to their skin color. He believed that the administration was carrying out an ethnic cleansing activity.

The administration insisted that Ragbir should be deported because he was at one time detained and convicted for being involved in a New Jersey mortgage company fraud. Mr. Ragbir is still fighting the conviction in court where he reported that he was just an employee and he was just doing whatever job was assigned to him and he was not aware of any fraudulent activity taking place. According to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the officials reported that the immigrants were being deported for their serious criminal records and not their politics. Speakers at the conference said that they were happy with the Judge’s decision to allow Ragbir stay in the country temporarily.

They later discussed issues regarding all minors who arrived in the country as immigrants saying that they should be offered protection, shelter, and food. Several protestors were arrested during the immigration conference. Many heckled and shouted while the police surrounded them ready to engage. Messages saying that America was a welcoming nation could be seen written in posts. Braun, 50 still insisted that all immigrants that were in the country with no legal means were going to be deported back to their respective countries.


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