North Korea and the US Trade Warnings on Nuclear Strikes


On Tuesday, Washington said that the repressive regime in North Korea might be only months away from attaining a ballistic missile capable of launching a nuclear weapon to the US in a matter of hours. In response, North Korea released a statement that the United States was preparing a pre-emptive strike on the Korean peninsula that would target Pyongyang. The clash between the two adversaries comes at a time when there has been a conference on disarmament that has been sponsored by the United Nations and when the US government under the leadership of President Donald Trump has said that it will have its nuclear capability expanded. The disarmament ambassador of the United States, Robert Woods issued a warning while giving an address to the UN forum that was held in Geneva that the nuclear arsenals in Moscow and Beijing were also expanding.

This statement by Mr. Wood drew a lot of condemnation by representatives from both China and Russia. Wood said that North Korea, Russia, and China were growing their stockpiles of nuclear weapons and increasing their nuclear profile on the defense and offense strategies. He added that these three nations were also developing increasingly sophisticated nuclear weapon systems technology which presented a threat to the community of nations. In the past week, the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo also issued a similar warning the Kim Jong Un would in the coming months have the capability of delivering a nuclear missile to any of the major cities in the continental United States.

Pyongyang is under tightening economic embargo that has been imposed courtesy of the US government and the UN General Assembly. The US has adopted a maximum pressure policy on Pyongyang which is meant to deprive North Korea of all the critical resources that have in the past served as oxygen to Kim’s nuclear missile program. The Trump administration also wants to push the North Korea leader to abandon his nuclear missile program and yield to a peace process with South Korea. The UN General Assembly also passed a resolution to impose economic sanctions in a bid to achieving a fully denuclearized Korean peninsula which has been under high tensions since the end of the Korea War which ended in an armistice in 1953. The Korean War marked the first significant armed conflict of the nuclear age and after the end of the Second World War. It also presented the first case since 1945 in which the US had not definitively defeated the enemy and hence not dictated the terms surrender.


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