Perry Mandera Demonstrates, to Chicago Residents, His Heart of Gold


Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Cares Charities. He is an innovator in the transportation industry who cares deeply about people and wants to make a difference in the world. First and foremost, he is dedicated to his family, his church, and sports.


Mr. Mandera graduated from high school in 1975 and joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves shortly after that. While he was with the Marine Corps, his assignment took him to the motor pool. In this position, he had the opportunity to learn to drive a truck. Before he went back to civilian life in Chicago, Mr. Mandera was given an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps.


Mr. Mandera began to work for the transportation companies in his city, but he eventually opened his own in 1980. After five years, he sold the business to move on to other adventures.


Mr. Mandera has always been interested in politics, so it isn’t surprising that he served from 1984 to 1988 as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago. His claim to fame is the fact that he was the youngest person to ever serve in that position at the time.


The Birth of Custom Cares Companies, Inc.


In 1986, Perry Mandera founded The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. The Custom Cares Companies supports clients who own businesses of all sizes, and this includes Fortune 100 corporations. His company employs hundreds of people and makes annual sales in excess of $200 million.

Headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. maintain offices and agents inside and outside of the state. The company is a “Full-Service Transportation Provider” that provides its customers with a large spectrum of logistic products and services. These services include a U.S. Custom Bonded Warehousing and Distribution Center, Local Cartage and Dedicated Cartage, Domestic and International Air Freight Forwarding services and Truckload and LTL services.


In the year 2000, Perry Mandera received a great honor when the Illinois Transportation Association added his name to the “Top American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of this organization.


Charitable Giving


Mr. Mandera donates his time, money and energy to charitable organizations and various charitable causes in his own name and in the name of The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. His favorite charities are those organizations that target the children and the youth as well as those that address the needs of veterans. Mr. Mandera also supports charities that are searching for the best ways to fight and treat cancer and those that address the needs of disadvantaged youth.


Perry is particularly enthusiastic about The Jesse White Tumblers. This organization was founded in 1959, and it is dedicated to providing inner-city youth with activities of a positive nature that keep them away from drugs and alcohol. It also reduces the chances that they will join gangs. Every child who is in this program must maintain a decent grade point average, but if some of the kids are having trouble in this area, the group provides them with tutoring so that they can meet the academic requirements to be able to join the club.


Mr. Mandera is on the Board of Directors of this organization, and he satisfies all of the organization’s transportation needs. He has also made a very generous donation of 6,500 winter coats to children in need in the areas surrounding the city of Chicago and Chicagoland.


When a tornado hit Washington, Illinois in 2013, The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. donated supplies and transportation to the victims. The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. also had the opportunity to be of aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. When that tragedy occurred, The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. sent 40 truckloads of supplies and food to Mississippi and Louisiana.


Whenever there is a natural disaster, Mr. Mandera uses his company to help ( Another example of this is when California recently experienced several wildfires. Again, he was able to send people the supplies that they needed to confront their issues.


Custom Cares Charities


Because of Mr. Mandera, The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. has its own charitable organization, and it is called “Custom Cares Charities.” Through this 501(c)(3) organization, Mr. Mandera has been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars to families in need so that they could enjoy the holidays.


Mr. Mandera founded The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. on the basis of his personal need to give back to his community. It is also based on doing the right thing. His whole life is about “paying it forward,” so he partners Custom Cares Charities with people who also believe in this mission. As a result, Custom Cares Charities supports a wide range of organizations and charities, including more than 100 youth sports teams.


Another group of people whom Mr. Mandera is eager to help is the children and young adults from economically disadvantaged areas who are in need of financial education. Last but certainly not least, Mr. Mandera is committed to helping veterans, and he does so by working with Marines for Life and Hiring Our Heroes.


Perry Mandera is proud to be an American, and he believes that he has a duty to show his appreciation to those in the armed forces, and he has made a point of hiring veterans for The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. He also works with other businesses, the Illinois State Crime Commission and Roosevelt University to help soldiers who are retiring from their military careers find jobs in the civilian sector. This group of people is very sensitive to the special needs of veterans who served in combat. Their goal is to quickly find these veterans work so that they don’t have a chance to feel isolated and alone.


Mr. Mandera completes his service to mankind by searching for ways to make the world a cleaner place. He does this by working with the Environmental Protection Agency to advance transportation services (Tumblr). One way that The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. does this is by complying with the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program. This program was designed to maximize the efficiency of transportation. Freight transport is the subject of this program, and it is meant to decrease the number of carbon emissions that these vehicles release into the atmosphere. Mr. Mandera is personally involved in creating new ways to make valuable changes that benefit the environment.


Because of his love for sports, Perry Mandera has coached the youth in basketball, baseball and football over the years, but he also is very interested in boxing, and this interest caused him to manage and support boxing competitors. One of these was Donnell “Doc” Nickelson who competed in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. He also helped manage “Irish” Andy Lee in the 2004 Olympic Games.

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