Shooting Viewed On Facebook Live


Wingate University near Charlotte, NC, was placed on lockdown early Monday morning after a man was shot while on Facebook live. The school was locked down until the shooter was captured. Unfortunately, the man succumbed to his injuries and died later in the day. Prentis Robinson was 55 when he was pronounced dead. He was only filming a video on Facebook when someone started shooting at him. Officers searched for the suspect well into the afternoon and evening and are still asking for the public to help with any kind of lead that they can offer.

The shooting took place near 10 in the morning. Classes were in session at Wingate University. None of the students or teachers were threatened, but as a precaution, they were asked not to leave the campus until the area was cleared by officers. Calls started pouring into the local police department by viewers who saw the shooting happen. Robinson was from the Atlanta area and an aspiring musician. He was on Facebook to try to find the people who took his cellphones and to complain about the phones being taken.

In the video, viewers saw that he went inside the police department in Union County to make a report about the phones being stolen. He then proceeded to head home. As he was walking on the sidewalk, he started talking to a man who then pulled out a gun and started firing. Officers were speechless when they watched the video because they knew that the man had only left the station a few minutes before the interaction took place. Friends and family members don’t know why anyone would want to hurt the man because he didn’t get in trouble and tried to help other people. A description of the suspect was soon sent to news media sources to try to get leads about where he might be located so that he can be arrested.


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