US Capitol Hill Approves the Government Spending Bill to Bring the Brief Shutdown to an End


The US Congress on Friday morning passed a federal government spending bill that ended a brief shutdown of the US government to an end. The legislation will have the US government funded till March 22 this year. US president Donald Trump in a tweet said that he signed the spending bill before the start of the Friday workday. The approval of the spending legislation by the White House brought to an end the second shutdown of the federal government in 2018. In the tweet, the president said that he had just put his assent to the bill and that the American armed forces are going to be stronger than ever before. The bill was passed in the US House of Representatives by a narrow majority of 240-186 after it was approved by the US Senate on Friday.

The shutdown that started shortly after midnight and lasted for several hours till Friday morning was as a result of the expiration of the former bill that was passed by Congress earlier this year. The passing of the bill was a major relief to the Republican Party after one of the owners from Kentucky representing in the US Senate, Senator Rand Paul delayed the vote after he gave objections to the additional funding in the budge. Senator Paul said that the bill would plunge the US economy into bigger debt and more budget deficits. The spending legislation lifts the caps that were earlier imposed on domestic programs and the Defense Department by over $300 billion.

The bill also raises the Trump administration’s debt ceiling until next year march. Senator Paul stated on the floor of the House that the bill was the clear definition of the hypocrisy of the US democracy and that it would lead to looting of the US Treasury Department. The Senator said that one of the main reasons why he ran for office was because he was very critical of the trillion-dollar budget deficits that were experienced during the former administration of President Barrack Obama. However, the Senator seems to have double standards by his stand as he is one of the senators who had the GOP tax bill muscled through the US Senate last year in December.

The Republican-sponsored tax bill would see the US national debt increase by over $1.5 trillion over the next decade. Despite Sen. Paul’s objections, the bill was passed by the Senate at 1:00 AM on Friday and sent to the US House of Representatives where it was also approved three hours later.


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