Young Girl Sells Hundreds Of Girl Scout Cookies Using Unlikely Source


Most girl scouts are looking for any way possible to sell cookies one or two times during the year. It’s not uncommon to see a group of scouts and a few troop leaders outside a grocery store or even the local Walmart. It’s all about the location and where the most people will be at during the day. One little girl in San Diego found a prime location on a Friday afternoon. She decided to sell her boxes of cookies outside a shop that sells pot.

It only took six hours for her to sell about 300 boxes. While sales of the popular cookies don’t launch for about another week in the state, the girls are allowed to take cookies to homes and stand outside of businesses to try to sell boxes. They aren’t allowed to set up a booth, but they can take a parent along or a guardian. If the young girl was only trying to sell cookies from a wagon or even the back of her father’s car, then it falls within the rules of the cookie sales.

The young girl stood outside Urban Leaf, a dispensary in San Diego. The store took a picture of the girl and posted it on the store’s social media page. Both the girl and the store benefited because people wanted the famous Girl Scout Cookies while some customers purchased marijuana cookies from Urban Leaf. The picture did gain a bit of negative attention because of where the girl was selling cookies. Some parents didn’t agree with her reasoning behind standing outside of a pot dispensary. However, she did sell hundreds of boxes, which meant money for the scout troop to use. This young girl isn’t the first one to stand outside a pot dispensary. One young lady did the same thing in 2014 and 2015 in San Francisco while another girl stood outside a shop in California in 2016.


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