Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers: Because You Deserve To Shine



Every girl likes diamonds, and when they’re topping your luscious lips and sparkling like a star, you don’t need much else.


That’s the beauty of Lime Crime makeup’s popular Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers. These sexy formulas are packed with holographic glitters, says InStyle. Staffers at the magazine tested the lip toppers for a day at the office and gave the product the thumbs up. Even the timid ladies who usually opt for only matte lippies were blown away by Diamond Crushers’s smooth and light-weight texture, the knock-out shine and variety of shades to choose from.

The unique lip toppers have been developed by the lab chemists at Lime Crime who created these products with a proprietary water-based formula. Prismatic technology creates the blinding shimmer that lasts and lasts.


Diamond Crushers are fun because they can be worn alone on the lips and look amazing. These toppers can also be layered and applied over your favorite lipstick, adding superb depth and allure to your smile.


The InStyle ladies say that Diamond Crushers are never gloppy or gritty and dry nicely to a smooth texture. The staffers say the compliments started rolling in when they tried them on.

Lime Crime is an e-commerce brand and can be bought at their website here. The makeup is also sold at Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill.


ULTA beauty stores also carry Diamond Crushers and in 21 different shades to be purchased online ($20, per tube). There are soft nudes and mauves and also striking colors of mint green, periwinkle blue and sunset orange. These lip toppers come in tubes with a soft brush for easy application.


Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere has always been drawn to sexy, fun cosmetics that show off incredible pigment and texture. She likes fantastical things, mythology and unicorns and is inspired by these images and thoughts.


Glitter and sparkle add a wonderful intensity and playfulness to makeup, and Doe Deere likes breaking the beauty rules. She develops cosmetics that work for day and night, and glittery lips can be wearable for even the most conservative office. It depends on how you subtly apply the makeup and the shades you choose.


Lime Crime takes pride in being beauty-forward, modern makeup. The palettes present unusual colors and formulas. Their famous Velvetines liquid/matte lipsticks have become a cult favorite on celebrities like Katy Perry, Garcelle Beauvais and Nicki Minaj. The makeup has also been recently spotted on the hit Riverdale TV series. Makeup artists like the depth of the Velvetines line and the stay-put, won’t rub off formula.

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Velvetines come in tons of OMG shades and look gorgeous with a Diamond Crushers Lip Topper over them.


Doe Deere debuted Lime Crime in 2008 as an e-commerce brand, and today, the makeup company is a big deal across social media. Lime Crime’s Instagram boasts more than 3.3 million followers.


One of the beauty brand’s best sellers are the Venus Palettes of gorgeous eyeshadows. Lime Crime recently introduced the Venus XL Palette, a large collection of grunge shadows that come packaged in their own pretty, mirrored, gilded-pink box.


Inside are 18 eyeshadows in four different textures. For example, there is matte, matte sparkle, glow and metallic finishes to choose from. Some of these unusual shades feature dark terracotta, rusty rose, midnight wine, toasted caramel, brick with gold sparkle and bright raspberry.


The shadows are as smooth as butter and won’t budge when you glide them on.


Try pairing a little Venus Palette on the eyes with a sexy Diamond Crushers Lip Topper, and you’re good to go.

Learn more on Lime Crime’s Instagram, or find them at Urban Outfitters!


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