Walk Out Across Country Delivers Message About School Violence


There will be thousands of students in high schools and middle schools across the country who walk out of their classrooms on March 14, 2018. The date is one month after the Parkland school shooting in Florida. While many students say that they are walking out of classes to remember the people who were killed, others are walking out to protest gun violence in schools. They are trying to bring awareness to this kind of violence and that something needs to be done to change the laws that pertain to guns. Many students also want to spread a message of love and support for each other instead of promoting bullying in schools.

Some students don’t understand why there hasn’t been more action by the federal government or even the local government to try to strengthen gun laws. There are students who look at the walkout as something that might make government officials look into changing some of the gun laws that are in place while other students see it as a front. There are people who want changes, but no one is willing to stand up to make those changes that are needed or wanted.

Students started walking out of classrooms or holding protests at 10 a.m. Students would walk out for 17 minutes. This equates to one minute for each person who lost a life in Florida. Some students have decided that they will hold protests for the entire day. They want to let their peers know that arms and hands should be used for hugging each other and for offering a helping hand instead of violence. This is only the beginning of what many students hope will be an ongoing effort to stand up to government leaders to get them to pay attention to what students want in their schools.


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