What Will the State department look like Under Pompeo’s Helm?


The Director of the CIA will start serving as the boss of the US State Department with two assets in his possession and in the eyes of the Department’s staff. For now, he seems to have built a good rapport with President Donald Trump and he is does not possess the qualities of his immediate predecessor, Rex Tillerson. The outgoing State Secretary was visibly emotional and choked as he gave out his statement outside the State department’s headquarters. Although some tears were noticeable among his employees, the air in the headquarters’ corridors were cheerful. Tillerson is held accountable among of the American pool of diplomats of running the US State department to the ground. Tillerson failed to defend severe cuts on his department by Capitol Hill.

He is also accused of allowing over 40 ambassadorial posts to remain vacant and a majority of senior posts in the department to go unfilled. Tillerson appeared to be a very poor manager despite the fact the he was brought on board due to his unrivalled experience in the corporate and diplomatic world. Many departmental heads and specialist felt that their usefulness had been undervalued and that they were excluded in the decision making process. Most of his juniors said that decision making was a monopoly of a small clique of State department officials who worked around Tillerson. On the other hand, Mike Pompeo comes with an extremely high approval rating from the CIA where he was perceived to be the agency’s champion.

Pompeo seems to have also build a good rapport with President Donald Trump and was in a good relationship with foreign counterparts and his staff who work at the State Department. The American people can now be confident that whenever Pompeo speaks, he represents the will and grace of the US President who they mandated to lead the country. Tillerson had ideological differences with the President especially on how to deal with the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the trade wars with China. The outgoing secretary was sometimes so rational that he failed to bring a decisive stand at the negotiating table. The disadvantage is that both allied and American diplomats may not really like what they will be hearing from Mike Pompeo. Rex Tillerson provided the US foreign policy with a continuity element. He also gave a counter-weight or restraint to his boss’s impulse on North Korea, China and Russia. Tillerson was also a moderate on global issues such as climate change and trade.


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