Facebook Gets Rid Of Many Posts By Federal News Agency


For well over a year, United States politicians, news media sources, and critics have perpetuated talks regarding “Russian meddling” in the 2016 United States presidential election. Donald Trump still maintains that Hillary Clinton was wrongly aided in the election, though evidence recently surfaced regarding Cambridge Analytica’s involvement on Trump’s side of the election certainly seem fishy, at best.

Regardless of all the hullaballoo floating around, here’s the news – Facebook recently deleted almost all posts by the Federal News Agency (FAN), an organization based in Russia that has been called by many a “troll factory.” The FAN earned such a name by posting tons of advertisements, pictures, and other posts across the social media platform to divide people’s political and personal views – most of which involved controversial stances taken by the Federal News Agency on both sides of the political aisle – in the United States of America, if not elsewhere around the world.

In an interview with international news media entity Reuters, Facebook’s chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the FAN “has repeatedly acted to deceive” and manipulate people across the globe. As such, neither Zuckerberg nor Facebook, as an organization, desire the Federal News Agency to remain on its platform.

Facebook likely made the move because it’s been pressured to take better care of the billions of users’ account data that the company mishandled over the past two to three years. The event under particular scrutiny is Cambridge Analytica’s command over 50 million profiles’ worth of data that was ultimately sourced from Facebook. It’s said that the data was saved against the terms of Facebook’s data privacy policy and terms of use contract, which initially came from a third-party mobile app that redirected the data to Cambridge Analytica.

The data was then used to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of current United States President Donald J. Trump, though such actions aren’t at all considered illegal under any level of law – neither federal, state, nor local.

Most of the accounts taken down were written in Russian, and didn’t have any substantial impact in the election, or swaying anyone’s opinions, period.

In the past, Facebook’s policies took aim at fake news and accounts spreading such factually-incorrect information. However, its policy has been revised to take down fake accounts, even if they’re not spreading fake news – real news counts, too.


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