Palestinians Continue March On Israel


Some decades ago, the United Nations put forth a proposal that would create Palestine and Israel, the former for the area’s Arabic camp, the latter for its Jewish camp. Ever since that 1947 proposal took effect the following year, Palestinians have protested to gain citizenship of Israel, all to no avail.

However, Palestinians seemingly won’t stop – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing… it only makes sense to fight for what one believes is right.

Earlier today, Israel soldiers on the border between Israel and Palestine took the lives of four Palestine citizens, one of which was only fifteen years of age. A whopping 150-plus others were harmed.

These injuries came as just short of ten thousand individuals blocked the Gaza strip in this week’s volley of protests – they’ve reared their ugly head for each of the past three weeks, as well.

The central difference in the strategies of protest of the two nations is that Israel continually fires upon Palestinians with gunfire, whereas Palestinians haven’t started any such conflict. The only thing Palestinians have done, however, is throw rocks at their enemies, light tons of tires on fire, the black smoke from which helps block the visibility of Israeli forces, and attach rags lit on fire to kites that were then flown across the border to Israel.

According to official statistics released by the Gaza Health Ministry, a total of 32 Palestinians have been killed in the past four weeks’ worth of protests, which kicked off sometime in late March.

Although the United Nations and other international groups wholly disapprove of Israel’s use of deadly force in protesting against Palestinian protestors, Israel obviously hasn’t shown any signs of stopping its deadly attack against Palestinians who want nothing more than to be considered residents of Israel.

The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Riyad Mansour, even reached out to the United Nations and informed its fellow 190-odd member nations that Israel’s “occupation machine” is cruel, even identifying that one of the most recent victims of Israel weapon fire as a disabled man just 25 years of age.

Although the largest protest showout on behalf of Palestinians came some month ago, the attendance this week is said to have been larger than the past week. A mass march is supposed to be waged against Israel on May 15, just four weeks from this weekend, per Hamas executive Ismail Haniyeh.


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