Talk Fusion Releases New Time-saving App


Talk Fusion is a useful tool that was introduced in 2007. It is designed to boost sales and profits and to keep businesses a step ahead of their competitors. Talk Fusion is centered around video marketing and helping people design optimized videos that leave a lasting impression on viewers. Today, Talk Fusion is used in more than 140 countries. They’ve recently announced the release of a new app.


Talk Fusion’s New Innovative App

The new Talk Fusion mobile app is available from both Google Play and iTunes. Users can download the app to Apple devices that use iOS 7, and Android users must have the 4.4.3 version or a newer one for the app to function correctly. The leading product from the original Talk Fusion tool suite is video email. This feature is included with the new mobile app, and users can quickly connect with their contacts. With is powerful capabilities, the app allows users to send many emails at once. For busy marketers who travel, this feature is especially beneficial.

Talk Fusion’s foundation is based on email marketing through videos. Research shows that text-only emails are not as engaging as emails with graphics. While images in emails improve engagement, videos have the greatest value. They relay a verbal message with the right tone, and they often include visual representations of products or services. If the video only shows a person talking, the content still conveys expressions, gestures and body language. These are all important parts of strong communication, and strong communication boosts engagement. Companies can personalize videos to send to contacts. By designing videos that target an intended audience, companies optimize their conversion potential.

Recording videos is also easy with the new app. Users can make new live videos or upload existing files from external storage devices. A video is stored in the app when its uploaded. The user can choose a template to customize the video further, and there are other customization options as well. For example, a user can change a display name to make a message more relevant to a specific group of contacts.


Connecting With Friends And Family

Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion. He often encourages people to use Talk Fusion for personal communication as well as for business purposes. One of the features that he likes most about Talk Fusion is video calling. In addition to being able to call one person, a user can add other people to a video call. Family members or friends who live in different places can enjoy a group conversation this way. The participating users can easily access the Talk Fusion platform by clicking a link, which the paid user shares with each participant. Family members and friends who have the link can use a computer or a smartphone to connect.

Another benefit of Talk Fusion’s video calling is access to secure virtual meeting rooms. Only those who have a link from an authorized user can access a meeting room. Virtual meeting rooms are created and stored, which means that invited participants can easily join the same room again for a future meeting. The user and any invited participants can access private meeting rooms from anywhere in the world. For example, a user who wants to host a video conference for managers of a global company may invite users from five different countries. App users can send unlimited messages through any Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G connection. If users prefer typing instead of hosting a video conference, they can invite multiple people to join a private chat room.

Talk Fusion added some new features to the app. For example, users can now send picture messages in chat mode. If users want to set up several different chat rooms, they can organize them by country. This is useful for business owners or marketers who have customers in several different countries and want to connect with individual groups. When the user accesses a chat room, he or she can see which participants are online. Chat rooms provide a more direct and personal way to connect with customers. The picture quality for the chat rooms is good if users have an ample connection and an updated device.

One beneficial feature of the new app is message archiving. Users can save messages in an archive to open later. Saved message threads help marketers remember details about a contact or about the previous conversation with that individual. There are no ads on the mobile app, which means that it runs smoother than similar apps that allow ads. The new streamlined design of the app makes it valuable to any company that wants a simpler and more efficient marketing tool. Talk Fusion’s mobile app is also one of the more user-friendly apps of its kind, which makes it ideal for both new and seasoned users.


Optimizing App Use Through Education

Those who are new to Talk Fusion can simplify their app tasks even more by participating in the company’s educational program. Talk Fusion University is the name of the program and its only accessible online. The private virtual education hub gives users access to tutorials from CEO Bob Reina. He shares his expertise, which he has been developing over the past 25 years. Bob used to be a police officer before he entered the world of network marketing. With no sales experience, he had to work hard to develop new skills. However, he managed to build a four-step system that led him to be a top earner.

Bob uses that system today to help Talk Fusion’s users maximize their earning potential. Also, Bob encourages everyone to participate. He often points out that people in network marketing come from all types of backgrounds, and he enjoys helping them find ways to put their existing skills to use while developing new ones. The training program focuses on teamwork, and participants learn how to help themselves by helping others grow and succeed. There are more than 30 videos that help people develop new skills. Bob often says that his goal is to help average people become extraordinary.


Why Choose Talk Fusion?

In addition to its new user-friendly app and its training program, Talk Fusion offers its members the ability to help those who are not part of their network or company succeed. Talk Fusion offers a special charity program, which allows users to purchase gift accounts which are given to charitable organizations. By giving such organizations access to powerful tools, generous users can help them spread their messages and reach more people. Nonprofit organizations are more likely to thrive if they have the ability to reach a larger audience, and they can use Talk Fusion’s tools to thank their donors. If donors receive appreciation or a personalized acknowledgement, they are more likely to donate again in the future.

Bob Reina developed the idea for video email marketing when he toured a property in 2004. He wanted to take a short video clip and send it in an email. The video was only 10 seconds long. Unfortunately, it was not possible to email the video. He thought about what it would take to make it possible, and he thought about the marketing benefits of sending videos through email. Bob contacted a tech-savvy friend of his to help him develop a way to send videos in email messages. Talk Fusion was released soon after that. It grew in popularity after people realized the value of video email marketing, video conferencing and similar features. It remains a leading program today for those reasons. In addition to network marketers, many large companies such as Norwegian Cruise Lines and others that rely on personalized marketing appreciate Talk Fusion’s value.

Businesses and individual marketers often have separate service providers for email marketing, video creation, chatting and video conferencing. Trying to juggle multiple accounts and trying to share information across platforms are tasks that consume a considerable amount of time. Talk Fusion gives people many valuable marketing tools in one convenient place, which saves both time and money. Companies or network marketers who want to use the program can enroll for an affordable cost. After enrolling, they enjoy access to Talk Fusion University, the standard tool suite and the new mobile app.


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