Television Star Drops Bid For Congressional Seat


The star of the 1995 movie “Clueless” has decided to drop her bid for the congressional seat in California’s 44th Congressional District. She stated that she wanted to drop out of the race after seeing the overall bitterness of American politics as they stand right now.

Her name is Stacey Dash and she told CNN that she had decided to drop out after a lot of prayer and conversations with her family about it. She says that she simply does not believe that this is the purpose of her life at this particular time.

Dash says that her overall goal in her campaign was to help Americans who had “been forgotten for decades by the Democratic Party”. She says that she does still believe that she can help people on a national level despite the fact that she is dropping her bid for Congress.

Stacey Dash has not had very many major acting roles since her role in the Clueless movie. She has perhaps become more famous for airing her controversial views on Fox News from time to time. She was also an early supporter of Donald Trump for President says HuffPost. This puts her at odds with the Hollywood stereotype that is often discussed in relation to politics.

The district in California has a few other names in the race right now. They are mostly Democrats as it is expected that this seat will remain in Democratic hands when all is said and done after the election. That being said, it has definitely been an interesting race to watch just for the fact that there has been an interesting cast of characters.

There was not much expectation that Dash would have enough support or even enough experience to win in this district, but you can never really tell for sure when someone has celebrity outside of their political career just what impact they might have on the race. As for now, Dash has decided to slip out of this race and probably off of the political stage forever. However, that could still change at some point in time.


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