How the Trump Administration Is Making plans to Arm the Globe with American Weapons


While the United States is already a force to reckon with in the global trade of arms, US President Trump wants to make it even more effortless for American partners and allies to access US-made weapons. The President is scheduled to unveil a new plan yesterday hoping that it will fasten the existing process of arms transfer. Since he took office early last year, President Trump has demonstrated his willingness to sell American-made weapons abroad. The leader of the free world has at times used face-to-face meetings with foreign heads of state and government to execute a personal sales pitch.

The Trump administration outlined its latest plan on Thursday to lift what it terms as restrictions in policy that are self-imposed in a bid to limit potential business opportunities. The Conventional Arms Transfer (CAT) under the Trump administration together with an export policy known as the Unmanned Aerial systems (UAS), private defense contractors will now have the go-ahead to sell some types of basic arms abroad. These sales are to be sold to US allies without going through the bureaucratic procedures of the American government.

The President has stressed the policy of buying American made goods and hiring American workers since he started his presidency. Dr. Peter Navarro who serves as the Director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy has said that President Trump has stressed these two ideologies in line with his America First policy. Navarro added that the Trump administration would be encouraging the defense contractors to embrace the principles of buying American goods and hiring American workers going forward. It is a critical and logistical step to strengthen the defense industrial base while the President works to balance American commerce with the rest of the world.

The Trump administration has been consistent with its emphasis on the potential economic benefits policy and the America first message. The lack of adequate details on the announcement that was made on Thursday is raising concerns. The US government is also planning to carry out consultations with industry partners over the next two months to have the government’s role in advocacy streamlined. This will serve to encourage American officials to go an extra mile to assist in the promotion of foreign weapons sales that are consistent with American interests abroad. An official from the state department has said that there will be no more advocating of American sales than the US government itself.


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