Trump Uses Personal Phone More Often Now – But What Does That Mean?


Boeing is best known for its airlines that fly the day and night skies, transporting literally tens of thousands of passengers safely to their destinations, a routine that’s been handled well for decades on end.

While Boeing’s airplanes are undeniably popular, the company is also responsible for producing the Boeing Black smartphone. This smartphone is the same kind that the United States President uses, though his has been modified to prevent phone calls, text messages, and other transmissions to be able to be spied on. Boeing produced the phone with help from DISA, or the Defense Department Information Systems Agency.

The United States federal government wants its current president, whoever that may be, to use its super-secret device in the name of preventing sensitive information from finding its way out into the world.

However, despite these prompts from Donald Trump’s advisors, the current United States President has been using his personal smartphone more, and more, and more.

Several sources told CNN that Trump started using his own phone again, as he did during the first few days of his presidential tenure, though all of those sources have not and likely will not be named.

Some inside the White House believe that Donald Trump has begun to use his own smartphone more so that John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, doesn’t have so much of an idea of who the President gets in touch with. Although chief of staff Kelly can still know some things about who President Trump calls using his personal Android smartphone, he doesn’t know as nearly as much as he would if Trump went back to using the modified Beoing Black more often.

It’s said that Trump has ben reaching out to several lawmakers in the Greater Opposition Party, and he hasn’t been afraid to use his personal smartphone.

In the past, people that wished to talk to the United States President would first have to call the chief of staff, John Kelly, after which an appointment would hopefully be made. Because Trump hasn’t been using such a system as of recent, it looks like Kelly hasn’t even been getting receipt of any of the phone calls until long after they’ve been completed.

The chief of staff has traditionally been a gatekeeper position to limit access to the United States President, though a source shared that “a lot of things have happened lately without Kelly being in the room.”


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