CEO Perry Mandera has a Vision for his Business and Community


Perry Mandera, CEO and founder of The Custom Companies, Inc., has an impressive career in the transportation and logistics industries. With more than 40 years of work experience, Perry Mandera has served the shipping requirements of his clients located in Illinois and other parts of the United States. Readers and other curious individuals can learn a great deal from Perry Mandera’s illustrious career and unique viewpoints.


From the United States Marine Corps Transportation Division to an Impressive Career


Perry Mandera began his transportation business venture when he was a member of the United States Marine Corps. As a Marine, he worked in the transportation division. His duties included transporting supplies and troops. Perry’s tasks made a huge impression on his young mind. He began to understand the important role attributed to shipping services. In addition to his appreciation of transportation services, Perry Mandera felt a strong interconnection with his troops.


A Former Enlisted Marine Becomes Elected as a Young Republican Ward Committeeman


After retiring as a Marine, Perry Mandera’s passion for transportation branched out into the business world. When Perry Mandera returned to life as a civilian, he ran for public office. Perry served for four years as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago.


A Seeker of Innovative Ways to Assist Struggling Children and Adults


Perry Mandera’s background caused him to have a heart for charitable endeavors. He constantly searches for new ways to help people living in his local neighborhood and other communities. Perry spends a considerable amount of time and effort assisting needy people. He is particularly enthusiastic about helping children. Perry has donated money, clothes and transportation services to youngsters.


Seeking New Ways to Assist People in Need


In addition to his charitable donations, Perry Mandera looks for innovative ways in which he can help people. His philanthropic endeavors led to an annual campaign within the boundaries of his business. During the campaign, he asks his employees for names of families in need of financial support. He has made a sincere effort to provide families with food and clothing during the holiday season.


Recognition by Colleagues in the Business World


Mandera’s charitable efforts have been recognized by other entrepreneurs within his local community. In 2000, Perry Mandera received special mention from the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) as a top 100 American transportation executive.


A Believer in Motivation, Religion, Faith, and Spirituality


Mandera appreciates motivational authors who assist readers in unlocking their potentials for performing more complicated tasks. His religious beliefs and faith continue to provide him with a spiritual outlook that helps him make important decisions. Perry Mandera understands that everyone makes mistakes. He readily admits that he became involved in undesirable business ventures during his youth. Yet Mandera regards his earlier errors as guideposts for his current business.


During a recent interview, Perry Mandera offered the following fascinating insights into his unique views:


Perry Mandera Discusses his Typical Day


When asked about his typical day, Mandera stated that he does not sleep more than four hours during the night. He believes in getting up early and returning his phone calls. He personally responds to email messages (PerryMandera1). He does not like to leave unfinished business for the next day. Instead, he tries to catch up with all correspondence every evening before retiring.


A Man Who Appreciates the Merits Attributed to Communication


Mandera enjoys talking on the phone. He uses an extraordinary amount of cellular minutes each month. Plus, he writes approximately 300 emails every day. Whether pertaining to clients, employees or vendors, communication is one of Mandera’s top priorities.


Mandera Appreciates the Value of Time


Perry goes over his updates, and other business-related details, over lunch. He entertains clients a few times per week via taking them out to local theatrical and athletic events. In addition, he takes clients out to local restaurants. Perry devotes his spare moments to spending time with his wife and children.


Consulting with Colleagues, Employees, Managers, and Specialists


When asked about how he brings concepts to life, Mandera said that he enjoys ongoing talks with a few select executives who have worked with him for more than three decades. He mentioned that he has worked with an excellent group of employees and managers. He consults with his employees, managers and an outside consultant. In addition, he has meetings with an industrial psychologist who helps test Mandera’s ideas.


Perfection Means Performing Tasks Right the First Time


When asked about his most productive habit, Mandera said that he values perfection more than any other virtue. He is a firm believer in doing things right from the very beginning instead of having to correct mistakes further down the road. His research demonstrated that correcting errors takes up as much as 30 percent of his time during any given day. He believes in performing tasks correctly the first time. Consequently, he micromanages his business with his own personal approach. Even though his unique method is time-consuming, his belief in perfection plays an important role in the high-quality level attributed to his business.


A Man with a True Heart for Philanthropy


When asked about his philanthropic endeavors, Mandera mentioned that he loves assisting people who need his help. He places special attention on helping youngsters. He uses his financial assets to help families by giving them money for clothes, groceries and school expenses. Additionally, Perry sponsors young athletics sports teams by providing them with expensive uniforms and assisting them with their travel needs.


Mandera Founded The Custom Companies, Inc. and Custom Cares Charities


Located in Northlake, Illinois, The Custom Companies, Inc. generates sales exceeding $200 million. Established in 1986, The Custom Companies, Inc. harbors a network consisting of various charitable endeavors. Mandera has always believed in giving back to his community. He founded Custom Cares Charities as a charitable organization supporting various charitable pursuits. His efforts have resulted in offering assistance to approximately 100 sports teams in the Chicago area and in other towns located within the state of Illinois.


A Man with Deep Concerns About Helping Veterans and Victims of Natural Disasters.


In addition to assisting children and families, Perry is committed to reaching out toward veterans. He has a close relationship with Hire our Heroes and Marines for Life. His transportation experience, and motivation to assist others, renders him with a logical way of conducting business affairs along with a philanthropic mindset. Plus, Mandera also has a deep concern for people who lived through natural disasters. He offered free transportation services and supplies to victims of the recent California wildfires.

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