DC Streaming Service Gets Name, Possibly “Swamp Thing” Show


DC Comics has released the name and logos for its new streaming service, as well as information about a Swamp Thing show that will be directed by James Wan.

The upcoming platform will be called DC Universe. It will be a place where fans can watch the many adaptations of various DC Comics properties; in preparation of it, the company as been removing them from other streaming sites, such as Netflix.

In addition, DC Universe will be providing some original content to pique fans’ interest. A live-action Titans series is also being filmed, while previously announced cartoons include Harley Quinn and a third season of the popular show Young Justice, now given the title Young Justice: Outsiders.

Logos for the shows have been revealed. A date for the streaming service has not been announced, but is expected sometime in the fall. While Titans and Young Justice will apparently be available from the beginning, Harley Quinn‘s release date is uncertain. (A fourth series, Metropolis, has been announced but was unmentioned in the newest announcement.)

In addition, DC Comics and Warner Bros. is also hoping for a Swamp Thing series, pitched to them by James Wan (director the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Aquaman). Apparently this is not completely confirmed yet, as the project is contingent on the company getting a good script from Mark Verheiden (who worked on the DC TV series Smallville), Gary Dauberman (IT) and Michael Clear (Lights Out).

Wan seems optimistic, however, based on his announcement about it on Twitter.

“Been developing this ‘egetarian hero’ for awhile now. With a great team. Happy to finally share. Expect—mood, mystery, gothic romance, and swamp monsters!” he wrote.

Swamp Thing is an atypical story on the fringe of the “superhero” genre. It stars the titular creature, which is made of plants but has the memories of once being a man, and often combines horror elements and environmentalism to its supernatural stories. Wan confirmed on Twitter that the series will be “more horror than anything.”

From descriptions provided online, the series will revolve around Abby Arcane, a researcher for the Center of Disease Control, finding the creature while investigating a virus in her Louisiana hometown of Houma.


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