China And The United States Revive Talks Of The Trade War – New Updates


According to media operated by the Republic of China on Friday, June 22, 2018, the recent tendency of the United States government to segregate its own economy from others around the world and is just one “symptom of paranoid delusions” the Trump-ran American government is currently facing.

Banter between the two countries has tightened up again in the past few days because United States President Donald Trump claimed that he was willing to levy a whopping $200 billion in import taxes from goods headed solely from China to the United States in the form of 10-percent tariffs. Trump claimed that he would only put such increased tariffs into place if the Chinese government refused to accept the $50 billion in tariffs that are currently in place

In January 2018, the United States levied an import tax on washing machines and solar panels brought into the country from anywhere throughout the world. However, most of these two popular, high-dollar, finished products came and still come from China, effectively levying the tax on China. From the get-go, Chinese government officials claimed that they felt “strong dissatisfaction” regarding the decision of the United States government to levy the pair of taxes.

Although China and the United States alike felt that the two – and only two – taxes were excessive, those two import taxes put into place by the United States were and still are a far cry from the countless more taxes that have been put into place thus far.

In March, Donald Trump infamously kicked import taxes into place on two commodities, rather than finished goods, both of which are far more popular than their aforementioned counterparts – washing machines and solar panels. Those tow commodities were steel and aluminum, all of which imported into the United States has been taxed at 25 percent, whereas all aluminum – regardless of its country of origination – has featured added taxes in the form of 10 percent.

Following the United States’ levy of taxes on aluminum and steel on March 9, 2018, the Chinese federal government brought a package of tariffs against imports drawn in from the United States of roughly $3 billion in total. Eight goods – one of those eight is pork – were taxed at a rate of 25 percent, whereas precisely 120 others were hit at a rate of 15 percent.

Just one month ago, the nations had ceased threats of the trade war. Apparently, they’ve missed the conflict. Hooray!


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