The French Soccer Team Booed By Fans in Russia


If I were asked how the match between these two was, I would have kept quiet. The game was full of nothing. More was expected from the French team that was packed with plenty of talent. This poor performance brought a lot of booing. A strong team as many would say, the French team confirmed their first place in their Group C after they dew 0-0 with Denmark. It was their first draw of the World Cup. Denmark secured their second position in the group. This game was full of appalling events. It’s as if the two teams knew what the results of the game would be. They played in a manner that illustrated their knowledge of what the outcome of the game was. However, with a team like France, with all those talents, this was not what was expected by the millions of fans around the world.

Their uneventful passage to the round of 16 is still in question. The manner they are playing is not befitting the class of World Cup. France is probably the favorites of the tournament that have met plenty of drama and featured on significant storylines. That is because a team of such caliber is not playing with inspiration. It’s not easy to tell what is ahead in the World Cup that will inevitably see plenty of twists for various teams. It’s not clear if the French team with their steadiness will be able to cruise through the most mundane of ways. If they are unable to use their talents, they will eventually not see the next rounds. They will be very frustrated at that moment. They are supposed to be concerned with the various storylines that they see everywhere. So far, it has been evident with the frequent Russian booing. Almost all their games, they have played till the 90th minute with consistent booing.

Loud choruses have been sung till the end. For sure, this is a sound that Deschamps should be familiar with. The manager also has a role to play. If the hand of the players is to be cut, even his would not be spared. He has had a playing career. This means that he understands everything that is going on. As the head of the team, he has a great role to play. He accepted the job and so he should perform. It’s either he reduces the talents on the pitch and substitutes for functional tasks. This way, maybe, the team will click and will have convincing wins.


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