Malta Declines to Accept Rescue Ship.


Italy has consistently attacked Malta after refusing to receive a ship of migrants. The transport minister for Italy Danilo Toninelli shared with the media a photo of an email that the Maltese Armed Forces had sent saying that the ship had not established any distress. Mr Danilo regarded this as inhumane and irrational. The vessel that was carrying 226 migrants had rescued them near the shore of the Libyan coast. The ship was among the two ships that are operated by a German NGO known as Mission Lifeline. The Italians have, however, vowed to impound the NGO.

The NGO’s vessels are being accused of raising and flying the Dutch flag. It was not clear why Italy wanted to seize the ships. Italy had complained of the ships bringing migrants to their coasts. Italy is the closest port for all the migrants that are rescued along the Libyan coast. Italy transport Minister Mr Danillo revealed that the vessel had brought the migrants at their coast unlawfully. However, the Libyan coast guard had earlier arbitrated to rescue the migrants. Danilo went on to say that Italy will seize the vessels and the Seefuchs so that it could define their legal status. He went on to say that Italy will again be committed to saving the lives of the migrants.
Italy’s interior minister said that the ships should sail to Holland as they were noted to be flying under the Dutch flag. It was not allowed to dock in Italy. The subject of the debate was whether the ship was Dutch or not. The Dutch delegation to the EU gave feedback saying that the vessels were not registered in the Netherlands. They were not flying under their flag. The French President Emmanuel Macron accused the Italian government of irresponsibility and Cynicism. This is after they refused to allow the ship to dock at their coast. On Thursday, Mr Macron, who didn’t directly refer to Italy, attacked the anti-European Union feeling that was among neighbors and friends. Mr Salvini never took long to hit back at Macron.

The interior minister for Italy said that his nation had learned great lessons from the countries that open their arms and welcome the migrants. He challenged Macron to welcome thousands of migrants into his nation. Then they could dialogue. Leaders from the 10 European Union nations are set to meet in Brussels Belgium to discuss on the best way to curb the flow of migrants to Europe.


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