A Student’s Graduation Speech Prematurely Terminated as She Starts to Talk about Sexual Misconduct


A high school student was delivering a graduation speech at her graduation ceremony. She was later cut short from going on with the address when she started to talk about sexual misconduct. Attendees chanted words in her support. They proposed that she be given an ample time to deliver her speech. The chanting from the attendees bore no fruits as Lulabel Seitz’s microphone was instantly cut. This happened after she immediately started to address the students against sexual assaults. Ms Seitz was amused with how the officials conducted the ceremony. She asked why a public school doesn’t obey an individual’s freedom of speech and expression. Her class colleagues stood up and loudly chanted that she should be given time to speak. She insisted that even if the administration doesn’t give her a microphone, she will still talk. She wished to speak on the matter that she had at hand.

So far, Ms Seitz has uploaded her whole speech online. She intended to say that learning in a campus that various people defended perpetrators of sexual assault and later silence their victims is very challenging. However, they still managed to get through their studies. That never dragged them down. Seitz continued to say that the class of 2018 had continuously addressed the issue with the school’s administration. Even though they were a young generation, they were never intimidated to speak up and try to create change. David Stirrat, the school Principal, reported that student’s speeches had to be pre-approved before the actual presentation. They were earlier given a warning that if they deviated from the rule, they would be intentionally cut off.

The principal continued to say that, in the case of Ms Lulabel, her approved speech never had any reference to her assault claims. If she included it in the speech, the administration would have indeed considered the issue by ensuring that nobody’s name was mentioned.

This came after students from the Holy Cross High School in Covington, Kentucky was denied the opportunity to present their speech during the high school graduation ceremony. They were prevented from doing so as it was claimed that they wanted to mention the Parklands shooting incident. The high school principal tried to explain that after attending an emergency meeting, the local diocese deemed their speeches inappropriate. Katherine Frantz, the student’s president, and Christian Bales saw the need for the speech to be delivered as it had merit. They delivered the speech outside the school’s compound after the ceremony. They used a megaphone so that they could address the large crowd that had gathered.


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