Should “The Batman” Include Robin?


Could the upcoming movie The Batman include Robin? There has been no official word on it yet, but we can think of some reasons why it could be a good idea.

Director Matt Reeves’ is reportedly done with his first draft of the script, and it supposedly involves a younger Batman, as opposed to the veteran Caped Crusader played by Ben Affleck in the DC Extended Universe. Rumor is that Warner Bros. wants to go through with the project no matter what, but will either make it part of the DCEU (as backstory) or set it in its own continuity, depending if the DCEU has gained popularity by then.

If it is in the DCEU, including a Robin would make sense—a Nightwing movie is planned and Jason Todd is dead, so we know that Batman has already had two Boy Wonders. Thus it could serve as a prequel not only for the Batfleck films already out, but set the stage for introducing the adult Dick in his own movie, or bringing Jason back as Red Hood.

Robin is obviously an important part of the Batman mythos, but he has only ever appeared in the two Joel Schumacher films. (For this article, we are ignoring the not-really-Robin from The Dark Knight Rises.) While we have lots of cinematic depictions of Batman the Brooding Loner, the fact is that the character is largely defined as a mentor and father—something that live-action depictions have failed to portray.

Even Schumacher’s version downplayed the paternal aspect of Batman and Robin’s relationship, what with Chris O’Donnell being in his mid-twenties. In other words, this would be an excellent angle to flesh out the character and differentiate The Batman from past versions.

And the fact is, the Robins are all popular characters in their own rights. An adult Dick Grayson is set to appear in Titans, and fan excitement shows that he can be done in a live-action format. Jason has his own set of fans, and others would be ecstatic if we eventually got Tim Drake or Damian Wayne (the third and fourth Robins) on the big screen, too.

It remains to be seen when The Batman will be made and what it will contain, but some fans will be rooting for him to be part of the Dynamic Duo.


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