Elon Musk has sent an apology to the Thai cave diver over a tweeter attack.


A technology entrepreneur, Elon Musk, has sent an apology to a British professional cave diver that he had earlier regarded to him as a ‘pedo guy.’ This happened after a row over the rescue for the soccer players that occurred in the Northern region of Thailand. Musk said that he uttered those hurtful words under the influence of anger. Elon said that the diver’s actions towards him never justified his arrogant and hurtful actions. Therefore, he apologized for all the pain that the diver might have felt over his remarks. Mr. Unsworth reported that he might sue the technology entrepreneur for his hurtful words. He was called a ‘pedophile.’ Twelve soccer boys, together with their football coach were rescued from the remains of the cave that had collapsed covering them all. The soccer team was recovered deep down within the collapsed cave. The rescue occurred at the beginning of this month after they were trapped for more than two weeks.

The diver’s knowledge of the cave is reported to have been key to the successful rescue. He swiftly navigated within the cave which saw the efforts to rescue the football players become successful. The diver had earlier traveled in the cave before it collapsed in, swallowing the soccer team. The 12 boys, together with their coach went missing. The rescue mission was not that effortless which forced the Thai officials to call in an international rescue expert.

Mr. Musk, the boss of the Tesla companies and Space X, visited the command area in Thailand where he reported that he had left behind a mini-submarine to assist the rescuers in their mission. Musk tweeted on Wednesday talking about the part that he got involved in the rescue that was going on in Thailand. The entrepreneur wrote a blog apologizing to the British diver, Mr. Unsworth, together with the organizations that he had led. He declared that the errors were his and his alone. In the same blog, Musk accused Mr. Unsworth of telling lies about his mini-submarine. The device wasn’t used in the rescue. Unsworth reported that the mini-submarine had no chance to perform in the rescue. Therefore, Musk had no choice than to go back for it and stick it where it hurt more. Musk never hesitated, as he fired back with a massive tweet where he addressed the diver with mentioning his name saying that he was a British expat fellow who resided in Thailand.


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