HCR Wealth Advisors: Putting Client First with a Personalized Approach


HCR Wealth Advisors offers a dedicated and experienced financial team, skilled at creating a tailored strategy for the best approach to personal wealth management. Based in Los Angeles, the firm serves hundreds of individuals throughout the USA, providing each one with a personalized investment strategy. HCR Wealth Advisors is careful to cultivate a personal relationship with each customer, and then create a financial plan with tangible goals. This approach is summed up as “client first, always first.”

It’s All About the Client

Unlike other financial intermediaries who focus on selling pre-set financial products, at HCR Wealth Advisors, the process aims to create personalized financial strategies. This is why the relationship with the client is important – not as a source of fees and payments, but as the source of information and decision-making data, to help protect clients against risk in the best way possible.

Fees for developing a strategy to help clients reach their financial goals are straightforward, with clients paying one reasonable fee, a percentage of assets under management. This fee is standard for the industry, and serves to help remove any worry that the services of HCR Wealth Advisors will incur unexpected fees at the end of the year. This is yet another addition to the principle of trust and service, where transparency, clarity and predictability strengthen the customer relationship.

Client Relations Beat Performance

The nature of the business of HCR Wealth Advisors is not a money manager, but a personal wealth advisor. The financial firm will not seek just gains on the market, hoping to pick outperforming products. A game of market returns is not what a client needs, hence choosing HCR Wealth Advisors means no mystifying results and unexpected performance.

Instead, the firm aims to look closely at the personal finance situation, and study it in detail, while sitting down with the client to talk over plans. The plan will only be built after studying the client’s preferred portfolio, his or her financial goals, and the known and unpredictable events that could affect the situation. “We are very much in the mode of making sure we are extremely knowledgeable about our clients and what their needs are,” said HCR Founder and CEO Greg Heller.  “…Any way money touches the life of a client, HCR is there,” Heller added.

The strategy has been successful for HCR Wealth Advisors, with an estimated 95% client retention rate, as some customers stay with the financial firm for years, and some even for decades.

Life Transitions Require Skilled Decision Making

Whatever the financial plans and goals, HCR Wealth Advisors is always careful to educate its clients on the interplay of finance and life events. There are always unpredictable thresholds in life that may require additional decision making and planning. Those include:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Loss of a Loved One
  • Sudden and Significant Influx of Assets
  • Selling a Business
  • Starting a Business
  • Inheritance
  • Retirement

The mission of HCR Wealth Advisors is to help clients in a twofold manner: to navigate both those life events, and the financial markets. The approach links together several components, in order to integrate client investments, retirement plans and financial targets into one comprehensive strategy that grows and matures over time.

The firm works with clients at various stages in their life, not focusing on any one demographic. HCR professionals can one day work with up and coming entrepreneurs in their 20s, or a 90-year-old retiree looking to maximize inter-generational wealth transfer. To cover all those demands in a meaningful manner, there is a need for a relationship, and no place for cookie-cutter strategies.

Setting Up the Right Plan

Each strategy for high net worth individuals must be planned case by case. There is no chance an algorithm or a pre-made approach could achieve the same goal. “I don’t know how anyone can manage someone else’s money without first setting up a plan,” noted Senior Managing Director Steve Weinberger. Only meaningful planning can achieve the right performance, and cannot be replaced by algorithmic decision making.

HCR Wealth Advisors achieves this with a detailed seven-step process to estimate the requirements and actions needed. The steps are a map for setting up and re-evaluating the investment strategy.

All of the detailed services from the firm happens within four large areas of focus: Financial Services & Wealth Management, Consulting, Business Services, and Insurance Services.

For an even more detailed approach to the subsets of the above areas of focus, each client meets with a team of three, the lead advisor assigned to the case, a financial planner and an analyst. “With the team approach we have seen clients a lot happier this way,” stated HCR Wealth Advisors.


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