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In the world of real estate, fortune and notoriety can be achieved by those operating at the highest levels of the field. But this level of success can be hard-won and for those seeking to attain it, the path can sometimes be unclear. In order to better understand the levels of commitment and hard work required for success, it is helpful to examine the careers of those who are making waves in real estate today. A prime example of this is Lee May, a real estate developer based in London. An examination of his achievements and philosophies on business and beyond can be an invaluable resource for those looking to make their own mark on this competitive world.



Career in Brief

Before looking at specific aspects of the career of Lee May, it’ll be useful to get a broad overview of his accomplishments in order to better understand the impact he’s had on the field of real estate. A largely self-taught business pioneer with twenty-five years of experience, he has long had the goal of becoming one of the largest developers in South East London, an especially ambitious pursuit given the high level of competition in the city. But ambition has always characterized his career and those who know him best paint him as a tireless entrepreneur who is constantly seeking to better himself and his business through hard work, education, and a willingness to take risks (http://beamridge.com/2018/04/10/success-for-nemesis-boxing-club-at-the-london-abas/).

This drive towards self-improvement can be seen in a variety of the activities in which he engages. A recently attended networking conference at the Movers and Shakers Property Networking Forum is a great example of this desire. The forum, which is the UK’s leading organization of its kind, affords the opportunity for some of the most knowledgeable and influential players in real estate to exchange ideas. In this context, May not only works to expand his own network and knowledge base, but he also looks for opportunities to meet and help others who may benefit from his background and experience.

Though his desire to branch out has seen him involved in many wide-ranging ventures, one constant throughout his professional life is the passion with which he views his pursuits. Where others may be inclined to view their career as work, Lee is well-known for his opinion of his profession as a hobby, so deep is his enjoyment for what he does. This mindset is a key component of his success and it can be seen in every aspect of his career. One stark example of this is his propensity for developing successful business ventures from scratch and then selling them to move on to a new venture. Where others might be content with the achievement of a single successful business, he finds enjoyment in the pursuit itself.


Past Projects

Lee May has been involved with the development of many projects throughout the UK and remains active in these pursuits at present. An example of a current development he has underway is a recently approved plan to construct over 600 apartments in East London, a project that will significantly add to the housing capacity of the area. Another development he has in the works will be constructed on four recently purchased parcels of land in Essex. That project will ultimately total over 1000 units and will be comprised of both residential and home-care developments. He also engages in extensive operations abroad with new projects planned to span from Asia to North America.



Though his own developments continue to be an area of focus, May is increasingly being sought as an advisor to firms desiring to put his expertise to use on their behalf. One such company is Beamridge, a construction and development firm based in the UK. The company seeks advice on a variety of issues that allow them to better manage, plan, and execute their vision. In addition to his business knowledge, May has also helped to direct many of the company’s practices toward a more principled approach in their undertakings. These principles manifest in their commitment to environmentally sustainable practices as well as their work towards maintaining health and safety on their work sites.


Community Responsibility

Another key takeaway to be pulled from the life of Lee May is his focus on giving back to his community. Though he focuses on his business pursuits with a rare degree of determination, he is also very cognizant of the need to contribute to those who are less fortunate. An avid athlete, one of the ways in which he accomplishes these goals is by spending time at local gyms in a mentor role. Through these activities, he has met and counseled many young people as to the benefits of hard work when it comes to the world of business and how it can have a positive impact on their own lives. He also cautions against engaging in criminal pursuits and other activities which can have a detrimental impact on their lives and those around them.

May also gives back to the community through the donation of financial resources. He often seeks out amateur boxing gyms as the recipients of these charitable works, viewing these organizations as having a marked ability to help guide young people towards lives directed by purpose and motivation. One recent effort he helped to organize was the running of a 100k race to raise £20,000 for the Nemesis Boxing Club. The proceeds from this donation will be used to purchase a new mini bus for the club, allowing boxers to more easily attend tournaments and other engagements.

As high-stakes and competitive as the world of real estate can be, it is a field that tends to reward those who possess vision and a drive to excel. For those seeking to try their hand in this area, it is helpful to study the successes of those who have achieved a great deal in the field. By examining the professional life of Lee May, from his development projects to his philanthropic initiatives, we can all gain a better perspective on the qualities needed for success in the face of adversity.

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