New DCEU Slate at SDCC?


San Diego Comic-Con is coming up, and Warner Bros. has big plans to use the event to promote their DC Extended Universe. One major question for fans to consider is: will they reveal plans for movies coming out after 2019?

One of the biggest of fan conventions, SDCC will be taking place from Wednesday, July 18 through Sunday, July 22. This year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Lucasfilm (both owned by Disney) will be mostly sitting the festivities out; as such, rival Warner Bros. is really pushing to promote their own franchises, including its New Line Cinema horror movies, the MonsterVerse and the DCEU.

The latter has been struggling throughout its early years, and has made numerous attempts to course correct; it also has a ridiculous number of projects supposedly in the works, which often get announced and then go years without any updates. As it stands, we know that Aquaman is coming out in December of this year, with Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984 coming out in 2019.

Those three films are sure to get heavy promotion at SDCC (including the release of trailers and other footage), but perhaps Warner Bros. will even go farther and announce its 2020 plans. So far, that year is filled only by rumors and unconfirmed reports; and, assuming that they can successfully fire up fans about the coming movies, it would be a good time to psych them up with more information and prove that they do, in fact, have a plan going forward.

At the moment, the fate of the franchise really is an open question; the upcoming three films are getting good buzz, but obviously their quality is hard to assess, and it is not clear where the franchise is going to go beyond them. It seem as if Warner Bros. wants upcoming entries to be less married to each other and more lighthearted, but there also seems to be a desire to diversify and put out many different kinds of films.

As for what might be announced, Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) claims that Birds of Prey will be shooting in January for a 2020 release; other rumors say that the Flash solo movie may finally be moving forward. For now, though, fans will just have to wait and see if SDCC finally confirms that these, or other projects, are coming up.


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