Officers Arresting Looters While California Fire Rages


News stations across the United States have been reporting the numerous fires in California. The fire in Redding, a city in the northern part of the state, has now claimed at least five lives. There has been severe looting at businesses in Redding as people are trying to get essentials that have been burned and as some people are trying to get things from stores that they can sell to make money. Although firefighters are trying to get the flames extinguished, the fire is raging out of control and spreading to nearby neighborhoods. A woman and two of her grandchildren are among the people who have been killed in the fire.

Police officers have arrested several people who have been seen looting, but they are unable to keep up with a large number of people who are still looting businesses and homes that have been evacuated. Officers are driving around neighborhoods to try to find as many people as possible who are breaking down doors and breaking windows. There have been a few people identified and arrested. A parolee is among the people who have been arrested looting, so he will likely now have to serve the remainder of his sentence as well as any new time ordered by a judge.

The largest fire in Redding is now the Carr Fire. It has spread to over 130 square miles. High winds are fanning the flames, making it difficult to get the fire under control. Igo and Gas Point are among the neighborhoods that are now seeing the flames encroaching on homes and businesses. The fire has been growing for about six days with no end in sight unless significant rainfall is seen in the area. Firefighters are working to create lines around the fire to try to keep it from spreading. Officers are left with trying to keep the streets safe and arrest those who don’t abide by the looting laws.


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