One person reported dead as the Klamathon Fire continues to rage consuming more than 9,600 acres.


The Klamathon flames have been reported to be fast moving. They have been wildly raging across the drought-stricken bush and timber near the California –Oregon border. So far, the fire has killed one person and has been reported to have consumed and destroyed several structures. The fire has been burning mainly without control. No additional details were shared about the death that was caused by the fire. So far, the flames have been reported to threaten the lives of over 300 residents that reside in Hornbrook. The town is known to be occupied by around 250 people and located 10 miles on the south of the Oregon border. The fire workers have managed to contain only 5% of the fire. There are no reports yet of whether the fire burnt homes or any structures similar to barns.

The interstate road was opened on Friday at around 7 AM. As of Thursday’s reports, Over 9,600 acres have been consumed by the fire that later swiftly tiptoed through the region that’s recognized to be the home area of several retirees. According to the chairman of the Siskiyou County Board of supervisors, Ray Haupt, the fire department was presented with several questions that the press needed answers. He however composed himself and answered question after question. He noted that the fire was moving so fast and that he was not certain of the time that lagged between the process of evacuation and the time the fire hit Hornbrook. The fire was reported to have hit Hornbrook so fast. It was unfortunate that it damaged many homes and other structures that included horses and livestock as well.

The California Department of wildlife and Fish reported that the Iron Gate Fish Hatchery that is located near Klamath River, the Horseshoe Ranch Wildlife, and the Klamathon Road Fishing were temporarily closed down as a measure of precaution. The organization stated that the employees at the institution would remain at the hatchery in Siskiyou for some time. Earlier, the California Governor had declared the situation as a state of emergency citing that many structures and homes were lost under the cruel fangs of the raging flames. The California department confirmed that the States resources that included facilities, provisions and employees would all to be deployed and devoted to fighting the raging fire. The Governor noted that the California Office of Emergency Services was going to deliver assistance to the County of Siskiyou.


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