Ryan Seacrest: The Philanthropic Side Of The American Idol Host


Coming from a family in Atlanta, Georgia, with no connections to the entertainment industry, Ryan Seacrest made his way to become a household name in America from his time as host of American Idol. From his beginnings as a high school announcer to a widely famous host, Ryan Seacrest has made his name known in the entertainment industry. Aside from television and radio shows, Ryan Seacrest has also made his mark on the lives of families and friends of children dealing with illnesses and hospitalization, as well as the children themselves, through his foundation, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Founded in 2010, after a Seacrest family dinner, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been committed to reaching the lives of all children suffering from medical illnesses and treatments. The foundation first brought its Seacrest Studio to Atlanta’s Children’s Healthcare hospital, where it still serves the children and family in the hospital. From there, the Seacrest Studios have expanded to hospitals in California, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, as well as a few other states. The mission of the foundation is to provide relief and an escape from life in the hospital for children being treated and cared for at the hospitals.

Within each Seacrest Studio, there is a unique opportunity for children to learn about and interact with equipment pertaining to the music and entertainment industry. The manager within the studio creates programs for the children and their family, including game shows, lip sync battles, dance parties, live performances, educational series, and other events involving celebrities.

Besides celebrity Ryan Seacrest, celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Carrie Underwood, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Chris Pratt, Taylor Lautner, Travie McCoy, and Ludacris have visited Seacrest Studios to brighten the day for the hospitalized children. In addition to the celebrities known for their entertainment feats, Olympic medal winners Ryan Lochte and Aly Raisman have visited, in addition to former first lady Michelle Obama.

Though the studios are meant for the benefit of the hospitalized children, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation allows students to intern at the Seacrest Studios to gain knowledge on how to create a radio program, the ins and outs of professional equipment, and other skills relating to broadcasting. While a hospital is not normally considered as a usual location for a student majoring in broadcasting, the Seacrest Studios provide its interns with the skills necessary to succeed in the world of broadcasting while also allowing them to bring light and joy to a child suffering with an illness.

The difference The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has made, in the lives of not only the children staying in the hospitals, but also to the family and friends of the children, as well as the interns who are given a professional and gratifying experience, has been one that has made a lasting impact. Parents marvel at The Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s ability to make the trip to the hospital one that their child enjoys and can even look forward to because they know that they will be able to spend time in the Seacrest Studio. One patient remarks that the Seacrest Studio “really does make a difference.”

This difference in the lives of the children, family, and friends, has not gone without notice. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has received many nominations for its work and even won an award from The Cynopsis Social Good Awards and won the Kids Awareness Campaign Initiative.

Aside from the awards recognizing The Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s remarkable work, Coca-Cola and E! Entertainment have partnered with the foundation by being sponsors. E! Entertainment commends The Ryan Seacrest Foundation by remarking of they “are endlessly inspired by Ryan’s commitment to enrich and brighten the lives of patients and families at pediatric hospitals through this wonderful organization.”

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation continues to reach out to those wanting to get involved, offering ways to donate and volunteer with the foundation. Ryan Seacrest, and his family, hope to bring more Seacrest Studios to children’s hospitals around America. Furthermore, Ryan Seacrest hopes to connect the 10 already established Seacrest Studios so that the studios can share programs and experiences across America.

Being involved in twenty other charities, it is without a doubt that Ryan Seacrest has a desire to serve those in need, and the vision he has for where he wants The Ryan Seacrest Foundation to be in the future shows that he is driven to provide relief and all the moments of joy he can for children who are hospitalized in America.

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