Almost A Dozen Children Found At Compound


A missing 3-year-old little boy prompted a search by New Mexico police officers. What they found at a compound that they searched shocked even veteran officers on the force. The young boy wasn’t found at the compound, but there were 11 other children located. These children had little to no food and were living in conditions that were dirty and unsafe. Ages of the children span from 1 to 15. All of the children were removed from the compound and placed in protective custody. At first, there were no signs of adults near the compound. It appeared as though the children were taking care of themselves.

Soon, officers located two men and two women who they believe have been responsible for the living conditions of the children. The two men were arrested and taken into custody while the two women were released. However, officers plan to speak to them at some point in the near future about the conditions that the children have been living in and will decide if they will be charged.

Siraj Wahhaj’s name came across the desk of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department because he was wanted for the abduction of the 3-year-old. After learning that he might be in New Mexico, officers raided an area where they thought they might have found the child. Lucas Morten was found at the compound with Siraj. Both men were arrested. Officers received messages detailing that the children at the compound might have been in hazardous conditions and could have been living without water or food. Officers are unsure about the relationship between the missing child and Siraj, but they have been unable to locate the little boy. The women have been placed in protective custody along with the children with one of the women being pregnant. Officers noted that the children appeared to have been treated like refugees instead of kids.


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