Didi Has Suspended Carpooling Services in the Republic of China After a Second Passenger Was Killed.


Didi Chuxing, one of China’s most famous ride-sharing service, has been reported to have sacked two high-ranking executives and also suspended a carpooling service. This move was made after a second passenger was killed in three months. The crime has raised concern about the organization’s ability to safeguard female passengers who often use their services. This came at a tense time for Didi Chuxing, one of the global most successful start-ups. The service has over time been expanding at a frenetic pace within the boundaries of China and also around the globe. The service is widely expected to gather billions of dollars should it decide to sell its shares to the public markets.

However, a thread of episodes in the Republic of China has created an alarm of questions about the service’s ability to safeguard women who use their services. In the past week, multiple consumers protested online for an immediate boycott of Didi’s services. The passenger who died under the hands of Didi carpooling service was surnamed, Zhao. It’s reported that the female passenger had used Hitch of Didi’s car-pooling service. Zhao used the service in the Eastern City of Wenzhou. On Friday afternoon, Wenzhou police reported on Sunday that Zhao was raped and then she was stabbed on the neck. The driver who was assigned the car that transported Zhao was arrested on Saturday.

The scandal has provided more platform for all the critics of the organization. The company had purchased Uber’s business in China in the past two years. Back in May, a 21-year-old female was also found dead after she had used Didi’s Hitch services in the central, city of Zhengzhou. Didi Company reported in a statement that it had fired the general manager of Hitch Huang Jieli together with his vice-president Huang Jinhong.

Huang was also the head of customer service operations. The rest of the executives couldn’t be reached for further comments. Didi Company reported on Saturday that the driver that was assigned the vehicle that carried Zhao had no criminal records and that he had issued authentic documents to the organization. The institution also noted that another customer had filed a grievance against the same driver. The complaint read that the driver had asked numerous times for the commuter to sit next to him. The driver later took the passenger t


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