Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia Named One of AFR’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies


Infinity Group Australia, a debt-reduction company founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, was ranked by the Australian Financial Review as the 58th Most Innovative Company among thousands of nominees from Australia and New Zealand.

For over 50 years, the Australian Financial Review has been Australia’s top authority on business, finance and investment news.

The annual list, which is in its seventh year, honors the most innovative companies from across Australia and New Zealand. The list was compiled by Inventium, Australia’s leading innovation consultancy, in partnership with a panel of industry experts.

Over 1,000 companies were evaluated on how well they address the problem(s) they’re trying to solve, the quality and uniqueness of their solution to the problem, the level of impact the solution has in the real world, and the company’s innovation culture, process, strategy, and resources. Infinity Group Australia was rated in the top 5.8% of all companies judged by Inventium and the expert panel.

On July 30th, Infinity Group Australia founder Graeme Holm accepted the honor at the 2018 AFR Most Innovative Companies List Awards Night. “Congratulations to our amazing team for their passion for doing things differently! It’s an honor to be listed #58 amongst other innovative brands, and humbling that our debt reduction and ongoing budgetary platform and service offering innovation has scored us a spot on the list,” he said.

About Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm grew up in Illawara on the South coast of New South Wales, where he eventually played semi-professional football in the Illawara Premier League. After an injury prevented Holm from continuing this career path, he turned his energy to finance.

By just 21 years of age, he had risen to the role of bank manager. Holm’s career in financial services spans over 17 years, with his first decade spent in a Big Four banking environment.

There, Holm became frustrated with pushing just one branded products and services and with Australian families receiving a poor deal from financial institutions. He noticed that many of his clients were living paycheck to paycheck and making only minimum loan repayments across the 30-year term.

“I was concerned that clients were coming back in after taking out a mortgage 5-7 years earlier and had barely reduced any principal, but were wanting to borrow more money for other significant financial expenses…and although the home had increased in value in most cases, several clients ended up owing more on the home loan than what they first purchased the home for,” Holm says. “I really wanted to ensure mortgage borrowers could reduce debt and not feel like a 30-year home loan was some sort of financial scam.”

In 2013, Graeme Holm and his partner (in life and in business), Rebecca Walker combined their passion for finance and their desire to get a better deal for Australian families, and Infinity Group Australia was born. Holm’s first office had just a couple of desks and even fewer employees, but his supportive client-first approach rapidly took off.

Today, Holm is an MPA Top 100 Broker, and Infinity Group Australia has locations in Bella Vista, Cronulla, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Port Macquarie.

About Infinity Group Australia

After spending six months in research and development on problems with the Australian mortgage market, Graeme Holm found a lack of ongoing support, advice, guidance, and services for families. Infinity Group Australia transforms this approach, providing a personal banker to help clients pay their loans off as quickly as possible. Clients receive monthly performance reports, detailed reviews, and assistance developing and maintaining budgets to ensure their success.

And the approach produces results: 100% of clients pay more off their home loan in the first 3 months with Infinity Group Australia than they did in the entire 12 months prior with the old bank structure. With guidance and support from Infinity Group Australia, clients eliminate an average of $41,000 in debt within 12 months.

The award-winning Infinity Group Australia offers services in debt reduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions.

Innovation at Infinity Group Australia

What makes Infinity Group Australia one of the most innovative companies across Australia and New Zealand? Let’s take a look.

Graeme Holm’s Innovative Business Principles

Infinity Group Australia is innovating the financial industry in many ways, but it all starts with founder Graeme Holm. He is uniquely dedicated to his business, as well as the principles of positivity and productivity that drive his work.

Each day, Holm begins with both physical and mental exercise (reading a book or listening to a podcast), and he maintains a personal schedule that is divided into 30-minute increments to maximize productivity.

Holm’s daily tasks are divided into two categories: transactional and transformational (things that will change his business). Transactional tasks are delegated to appropriate staff, while Holm attends to the transformational tasks himself.

After finishing his evening client meetings, Holm writes a list of his top five transformational actions for the following day. “Before saying goodnight, I make a commitment to these actions. Nothing gets in the way of these five goals.”

He also makes a point of dealing with the most difficult order of business at the start of his day. “If you tackle the most difficult thing first each day, it will propel you into the day with confidence and charisma. You will walk a little taller and speak a little more confidently,” he says.

Holm’s dedication and drive extend to the Infinity Group Australia team and their commitment to bettering the lives of Australian families through financial coaching.

Personal Trainers for Your Finances

From start to finish, Infinity Group Australia’s process is dramatically different from that of a traditional broker. Infinity starts with a detailed fact-find that goes in-depth into household expenses and the family’s needs and wants.

Next, Infinity Group Australia works across multiple meetings to help clients develop and implement a weekly cash-based budget for expenses such as fuel, groceries, travel, and entertainment. Holm’s financial philosophy is: “If you can’t pay cash, then you’re not buying it! At Infinity, we give every dollar a purpose and focus on teaching the difference between a want and a need while keeping you accountable to your goals.”

Typically, a traditional broker’s work is done once the loan has settled, but Infinity is just getting started. Clients are coached to success with resources, continuous advice, and practical tips such as avoiding credit cards and debt consolidation.

Each family is also allocated a personal banker to help them pay off loans as quickly as possible. Every month, clients receive a performance report that allows them to assess progress toward their goals and determine whether changes should be made to the family budget. Clients also receive six monthly, detailed reviews to ensure successful reduction of the family mortgage.

As Graeme Holm explains it, “At Infinity, we brought to life the concept of ongoing guidance and support throughout the life cycle of the client loan journey. Think of a personal trainer for your finances. If you go to the gym with a personal trainer, you will get better results than without one.”

By comparison, Holm says, “Banks do not have a system in place that incentivizes employees and representatives to provide ongoing assistance.”

Client-First Approach

In the financial industry, putting the client first is virtually unheard of, but Graeme Holm was determined to take a different approach with Infinity Group Australia.

The business was founded with the innovative goal of helping everyday Australian families make a better life. Graeme Holm and his team help families build wealth, secure their futures, and reduce financial stress.

As clients Sharon and Anthony Lievore explain, “Infinity are customer focused and will go above and beyond the usual efforts of any normal financial group.”

Of course, putting the client first isn’t always easy. Holm says, “The business has a core principal of client first, profits second. In some cases, this can be detrimental to profits; however, the business is performing well overall.”

Although the first year of business was “extremely tight” and the second year showed only slight improvement, Infinity Group Australia really took off in its third year. Holm says, “The longer we have traded, the more referral business we’ve received from satisfied clients… I adopt a client first approach that competitors find difficult to compete with, and that has created a healthy business that has become profitable.”

Infinity Group Australia provides customer centric products and services, and they are devoted to creating a positive customer experience. Holm and his team enable clients to work and to spend time with their families without constantly worrying about bills and finances. They want clients to feel comfortable knowing that their finances are in good hands, and clients value their friendly and approachable manner.

Recently, Infinity Group Australia was honored for their excellent customer service with the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award’s “Overall Best Organization CX” in Australia. They’ve also been nominated as a finalist in the Optus Business Award’s “Customer Service Experience of the Year” and in five categories for The Adviser “Australian Broking Awards 2018.” The company won “Best New Office 2018” based on analytics, statistics, and proof of client outcomes.

Holm credits Infinity’s success to prioritizing customer service, saying that this guides the entire business. “I am driven by my clients’ results and that is my number one priority. Being available for my clients six days a week from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM has been instrumental in my success to date. Providing clients direct access outside of standard business hours has been a key in many of my clients being able to purchase a new family home and have a loan approval in place, when other potential purchasers were not able to transact because they had to wait to go back to the bank.”

Family Atmosphere

Another innovative aspect of Infinity Group Australia’s business is the family atmosphere Graeme Holm and his team strive to create. “Our belief is that we don’t have clients, we have financial family members!” says Holm.

His “financial family members” agree. Michael O’Loughlin says, “The people at Infinity actually care about you, they care about your family, so I absolutely highly recommend them to anyone.”

Cheryl Dellow adds, “Graeme has shown us that there are people out there that really do care about other people’s futures and sincerely want to help. Chris and I are now looking forward to our retirement. Thanks guys!”

This family-oriented philosophy is also apparent in the many ways Holm and Infinity Group Australia have given back to the community over the years. They’ve given away a Jeep and a $30,000 home renovation, a $30,000 mortgage reduction, need-based scholarships to a dance studio, and more. Infinity Group Australia also sponsors the local Cronulla Sharks. The sponsorship began in 2016, the same year the Sharks won their first NRL premiership.

Extensive Collaboration

In addition to their client-first, family-oriented style of business, Graeme Holm says collaboration plays a key role in Infinity Group Australia’s innovation and success.

“Through collaboration, we find that people and ideas are stronger. We have a strong culture within our business and we encourage employees to fill the suggestion box, share innovative ideas, and collaborate with other industry professionals,” he says.

Impressive Results

Infinity Group Australia’s truly impressive results also set them apart from other financial institutions. On average, clients repay home loans with 30-year terms in just 7-10 years, eliminating $41,000 in debt in the first year alone.

Some clients get even better results: “One of our greatest achievements this year was a reduction of $96,271 in just 12 months from a couple with a young family,” says Graeme Holm. “We haven’t yet met a client that we couldn’t help. We have a range of clients from athletes like Paul Gallen to a 22-year-old navy officer who has just purchased his second investment property.”

Infinity Group Australia’s key outcome is that an Infinity client will pay more off the home loan in the first three months as a client than they did in the full previous 12 months without Infinity guiding and supporting them. With ongoing financial coaching from Infinity, 100% of clients achieve this key outcome.

As Graeme Holm explains it, “By having a financial coach, sticking to a weekly cash-based budget and depositing all other forms of income directly into a fully transactional loan account, you reduce daily interest charges and learn to live on the weekly budget. If you combine these strategies without falling victim to excessive spending like those new shoes or that new tech gadget, you can and will repay your home loan in record pace.”

Infinity Group Australia Reviews

If the company’s innovative approach and impressive results sound too good to be true, Infinity Group Australia reviews confirm that it’s the real deal.

Client Ian Abela says, “Infinity have been able to reduce our home loan from 17 years down to 5 and a half and put us onto a self-managed super fund so when my wife and I are ready to retire we will be able to live comfortably.”

Rachel Ninham shares, “The kids are happier because we are happier, less stressed, have fun and laugh again. So thank you Graeme Holm and Infinity for the system, the advice, and the hope.”

Similarly, Daniel and Bernadette Smith say, “Since joining the Infinity Group family, it is the first time in 18 years we can see light at the end of the tunnel.”
Infinity Group also has a proven track record of helping families achieve financial goals they never believed possible.

Andrew and Karene Shepherd, for example, say, “An expert told us that we were not in a position to buy an investment property. Since joining Infinity we have four and own our own home.”

NRL player Jason Bukuya says, “Thanks to the Infinity team, we’ve now purchased our first family home, which we never thought we’d be able to do.”

These glowing Infinity Group Australia reviews show that not only is the company innovating the financial industry, but this innovation is also producing highly successful results.

What’s Next?

Since Infinity Group Australia’s humble beginnings with a couple of desks, the business has expanded to include five locations, one dedicated specifically to sports and entertainment.
Holm says that the company’s future is “bright with unprecedented growth.” Because of Infinity’s recent accolades and rave reviews, there’s been an influx of clients wanting to work with Graeme Holm and his team.

In addition, says Holm, “I am excited that the firm is currently training a new group of highly skilled finance professionals to grow the mortgage business Australia-wide. The firm will soon be announcing the appointment of several long tenure high level banking professionals that are joining us in the summer of 2018.”

Final Thoughts

Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia certainly live up to their billing as one of the top 100 innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Holm and his team are innovating the financial industry with their customer centric approach, family atmosphere, and unmatched commitment to providing “personal training for finances.”

Infinity Group Australia reviews, results, recognition, and awards clearly demonstrate that this innovative approach is a success.

Moving forward, Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia plan to continue coaching Australian families to secure, financially fit futures.

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