Mollie Tibbetts Disappearance Continues To Get Stranger


The national news media has been covering the disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts very closely since the twenty-year old Iowa University was last seen on July 18th. There have been a number of mysterious stories surrounding her disappearance, but the public has been informed of very little about her possible whereabouts. It seems that the police are keeping their information pretty close to the vest, or perhaps they do not have much more than what the public already knows.

What We Know

We currently know that Mollie Tibbetts was last seen on July 18th when she was watching dogs for her boyfriend at his house while he was away at work on a construction job some one-hundred miles away. We also know that the police have cleared the boyfriend of any wrongdoing in this case.

Several local residents of Brooklyn, Iowa where Mollie was staying said that they witnessed her on her routine evening job sometime around 7:30pm that night. That is the last known sighting of the young woman. Her boyfriend states that he received a Snapchat message from her at 10pm that evening after her jog would have been completed.

Law enforcement has questioned several people and been on the property of several local residents as well as part of their investigation. The FBI has also gotten involved in this case, and they have reported questioned a particularly pig farmer on two separate occasions as well as conducted searches of his property. The farmer states that he doesn’t know Mollie Tibbetts and has never seen her in his life. After initial resistance to taking a polygraph test, the farmer has recently agreed to do so. The public has not been informed of the results of that test.

What Is Stranger Now

Just today it has been reported that someone has created a Mollie Tibbetts page on Facebook that claims that she has run off to be with another man and asks the public to stop looking for her.

The identity of the creator of this Facebook profile is unknown at this time, but a post from the profile claims that it is Mollie herself and asks everyone to “stop blowing things out of proportion”. There are reasons to suspect that the creator of this profile is not Mollie herself, but that has not been completely ruled out at this point in time either. It adds yet another layer to this mystery.


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