San Francisco Court Awards $289 Million to Man Who Got Cancer from Monsanto’s Roundup


Roundup is hands-down the world’s most popular weedkiller. Developed by Monsanto’s resident chemist John E. Franz nearly 50 years ago, glyphosate – the chemical name of Roundup – has the ability to kill just about anything that competes with crops, including grasses and weeds. Monsanto developed countless varieties of its seeds of often-cropped plants like corn and tomatoes that were immune to glyphosate so that farmers could readily spray Roundup on their crops without risking a loss of yield.

Just five years ago – in 2013 – the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment conducted a study that found tried-and-true, definite links between the use of glyphosate and the incidence of multiple types of cancer like non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The World Health Organization declared that Monsanto’s Roundup – or glyphosate, depending on whatever your preference of naming convention is – was most likely a cause of cancer in humans; this study was published just two years after the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment’s study came out. Within months of the WHO’s publication, countless other studies indicating the same findings of cancer associated with Monsanto’s creation flooded academic journals and government disclosures around the globe.

Just yesterday, on Friday, August 10, 2018, a San Francisco court found that Roundup had undeniably given a public school maintenance worker a type of incurable, terminal cancer.

Dewayne Johnson was a groundskeeper for a district of schools just outside of San Francisco, California. Mr. Johnson was responsible for keeping weeds, grasses, and other unwanted plants out of sight across all the schools in the district he worked for. The only reasonable way to accomplish this goal was to use a powerful weedkiller.

Johnson and the school district he worked for agreed on using Monsanto’s Roundup to keep weeds from growing to make the schools’ facilities look better. The 46-year-old male estimated that he applied Roundup roughly 25 times per year during his time spent as a groundskeeper.

In 2012, he found himself accidentally drenched in Roundup. Another accident happened months after the first one in 2012. No later than 2014, the hard-working Dewayne Johnson was diagnosed with non-Hodgin lymphoma.

Johnson was awarded a whopping $289 million from the aforementioned court; however, he’s almost certain to pass away in the next few weeks. His two sons will be able to do great things with the money, however.


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