Will the New Samsung Note 9 Follow in the Footsteps of Its Predecessor the Galaxy S9


The galaxy S9 didn’t put up big enough changes to woo the customers. On Thursday we find out if the Note 9 features what the buyers expect. If it is anything like the galaxy S9, I wouldn’t expect it to wow the customers. Samsung are set to introduce the Galaxy Note 9 on Thursday. It features a stylish S pen stylus and a premium large screen. There could be improvements on the stylus that could see it move beyond the usual writing, navigation and drawing. The Fortnite, an uber-popular game could also make its Android debut in the Note 9.

Overall, expectations are that the new Note 9 model will not feature major changes but instead get tweaks, a factor that could see it suffer sluggish sales, the same fate as the Galaxy S9. In the first full period of sales of the Galaxy S9, Samsung lost the biggest market share of all major handset makers. Its mainstream phones that came into the market on March 16, improved on cameras and audio quality but they were still slow in sales. Samsung is struggling to hold off the competition posed by Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus and the US giant Apple. Apple’s iPhone X, despite being the most expensive iPhone ever put in the market, has successfully wooed buyers in large markets like the US.

The company needs the Note 9 to deliver, in the remaining part of the year, one of the major factors that the Note 9 launch is planned about a month before the next iPhone from Apple to get a jump on the market and revitalize the company’s position. A core dilemma, seeing the few improvements made on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus with limited physical changes, remains on whether the buyer will see a difference on the Note 9 that is also expected to feature limited changes. Samsung, in response to the recent drop in the sales of their devices, will seek to expand their sales by presenting to the market a new Galaxy Note earlier than expected that features great performance for a rational price. As technology advancements slow down, it is getting harder for smart phone manufacturers to come up with wholesome changes every year. Consumers are now retaining their devices and are finding it harder to upgrade to new devices every year or two for tweaks like better cameras.


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