Businesses Opening Primary Care Clinics for Workers


The cost of providing health insurance for employees is one of the largest expenses that businesses in the United States currently have. The cost of providing benefits just seems to go up and up every year. Some corporations who do business in the United States are trying to lower their insurance costs and help their workers by offering onsite healthcare clinics. These clinics are designed to offer primary care services. Employers have come to realize that if their workers are able to remain healthy, they will be more productive, and there will be a reduction in the amount of absenteeism at work.

One company that is getting involved in providing healthcare onsite for its workers is Fiat Chrysler. This company will be opening primary care clinics in five of its plants in the United States. 22,000 workers will benefit from the new clinic. Workers will be able to go to the clinics for basic doctor visits. Common problems will be treated. Workers will be able to speak to dietitians and exercise specialists as well. What is great for the workers is that there is no cost to them. They have no deductibles and no co-pays when they utilize the onsite clinics.

Fiat Chrysler isn’t the only company that is getting in on offering primary care benefits to employees. Serta is a company that makes mattresses. This company is offering mobile medical clinics to its employees. These mobile clinics come to Serta factories and offer their services. This service is particularly popular for employees when it is time for them to take their annual physical.

United Shore Financial Services located in Detroit is operating a very successful clinic for its employees. This company of over 2,600 saw over 4,000 visits to its clinic last year.

The trend for offering onsite healthcare is growing. As many as 57 percent of large corporations will be offering some type of onsite healthcare within a couple of years. Even some smaller businesses are getting in on the trend by pooling their resources to start a clinic shared by several smaller companies.


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