Climate Talks in Bangkok


Progress was made on several items by the climate negotiators that set to improve the framework for implementation of the landmark 2015 Paris accord. It was, however, met by challenges due to the $100 billion finance yearly, to finance projects around the world. Talks from Sept.4 to Sept 9 were also set to help in the preparation of the last talks that were scheduled for December at Katowice, Poland. This was according to United Nations Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa in Bangkok. She said that the progress achieved in Bangkok was quite small and emphasized the need for more work on the issue in order to realize a long-lasting solution.

178 delegates from various nations were represented in the seminar in which both the poor and rich nations pledged to limit greenhouse gases. The final decisions were to be made by Ministers in Katowice. These talks in Bangkok were to highlight the already raised issues from the last meeting in Bonn, which saw little progress made. President Donald Trump promised to pull out of the Paris deal even though the U.S is involved in the talks. This forum will clearly explain how countries will meet the Paris goal and ways in which the developed nations will help in the financing of developing countries. The year 2020 will mark the beginning of rich nations executing promises that they had previously made in the developing world.

Financing of developing countries was one of the main topics in Bangkok. Developing countries want developed nations to give account of their pledges after every two years. Developed countries meanwhile see it as quite difficult according to their budgetary cycles. Issues were also raised on how nations should be treated when it comes to reporting their progress. Developing nations asked for more time on the issue since they differ in resources with the developed ones. This led to the end of the forum without a concrete conclusion and instead was forwarded to the next forum. A draft on the negotiation text was, however, made outlining possibilities for a new global carbon market under Paris. It was also agreed that nations will be able to willingly trade credits of the reduction of carbon emissions bilaterally or through a new program called the Sustainable Development Mechanism program.

Environmentalists and delegates who attended the conference saw the need to look at the natural disasters that are happening globally from wildfires in the America and the European Union to storms and floods across the Asian continent. This will greatly impact mankind in the world today and generations to come.


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