Hurricane Florence Wrath on Carolinas


A record breaking rainfall is being experience in Carolina followed by deaths and floods due to the ongoing Hurricane Florence. Florence came as category 1 hurricane. This is the lowest in the storm rankings, with water causing the majority of property damage than wind as expected. The ranging storm, having left 12 people dead and millions of others without power, continues to move within the land and is causing damage along the coast. Officials from the National Hurricane Center warned that the storm conditions could lead to tornadoes and landslides. Hurricanes come as a result of a large storm rotating with high speeds forming over warm waters in the tropical areas of the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea and moving northward. They come along with heavy rains and cyclonic winds that exceed 74 miles per hour. However, they lose force when they move over land or the colder ocean waters.

According to President Donald Trump, protecting the people’s lives in the storm is at the top of his priorities and his government is totally prepared to deal with it. Federal law enforcement officers are on the ground assisting in rescuing and securing facilities and shelters that have been affected by the storm. Other measures being taken are the energy department installing generators at the critical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes with other crews from 17 states working to restore power. Federal Communication Commission’s staffs have also been deployed to work with stakeholders to support in restoration and recovery efforts and in the most critical sector of health, public health emergencies have been declared, making the healthcare providers more flexible to meet the emergency health needs. 300 personnel are on standby alongside 200 ambulances with more readily available.

While Hurricane Florence didn’t come as big as it was expected, it still could lead to huge economic damage especially if the heavy rains continue. Carolina has a diverse crop economy as they grow a lot from cotton, tobacco, corn to soybeans. According to the North Carolina state University data, business related to Agriculture is worth 76 billion dollars in North Carolina alone. Apart from that, the real estate may also be greatly affected as billions of dollars are at risk of being destroyed. Hurricanes have proved to be the most destructive force of nature and given their frequency of occurrence, they are bound to remain a nightmare before scientists and researchers are able to find solutions on how to contain them.


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