Kavanaugh Defended by President Trump


US president acknowledged the controversial Supreme Court nominee as one of the best people he has come across. Regardless of the allegations facing the appeal judge and a nominee for the higher post in the judiciary, President Trump on Monday stood by the beleaguered candidate. However, just like the Democrats, the president supposed that deferral was critical before senate voting. The head of state also thinks that the delay should not get prolonged. Nevertheless, on the statement, Trump critiqued the Democrats over the timing of the claims. The president, while addressing reports from the White House, suggested that the senators should have brought the subject long ago. He justifies his statement by saying that the senators had the information some months ahead. Besides, the Democrats should not have waited until the last day according to President Trump.

In line with the proceedings and plea that senators have made, the president demonstrated the willingness to the delay of approval in the Congress before the claims are probed. Nonetheless, he hopes that the delay will turn out as a little and not very much. The president went on to defend his nominee when asked whether the judge has provided a withdrawal request for the nomination. The answer to the question was simple in that the query was mockery since the person in question is extremely qualified.

Besides the boss defending the nominee, the judge was also vocal to protect his reputation. Kavanaugh vehemently denied the claims of sexual assault. He made a statement whereby he said that the allegations were false. Moreover, Kavanaugh added that he has not engaged in any such accusations. The nominee went on to justify himself by adding that since there was no such incident, he barely had an idea until Ford identified herself on the previous day. However, both Republicans and Democrats members used up Monday hurly-burling over the period and location of the accuser Christine to deliberate the claims with senators.

Also, Kavanaugh who visited the White House on Monday made statements that he is prepared and willing to face the Senate committee. Besides, he points out that he will do as the senators wish, to repudiate the false claims so that he defends his uprightness. More so, the faultfinder Christine also suggested that she hungers to appear in the bench committee. For the team to put an end to the matter, and follow the right procedure, the chairman plans to program follow-up plans with relevant parties. In the interim, the White House defended both the accused and Ford. The statement was that the woman should not get ignored while both parties should be heard.


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