Manchester United’s Center Back Luke Shaw Reported That He Almost Lost His Leg.


Luke Shaw is set to revive his England career. The center-back started training with the Three Lions this week after he admitted that he almost lost his leg because of various complications. Luke incurred the injury through a horrific malicious tackle that he sustained while playing for the Red Devils in a Champions League match. Shaw incurred the injury three years ago. The tackle by the PSV player Hector Moreno left Luke Shaw with a double fracture on his leg. By then, Luke Shaw was the most expensive teenager player. The player received oxygen on the pitch and then was transported from the Philips Stadium. He was put on a stretcher and was flown to a nearby hospital by the name St Anna Ziekenhuis that is located in Geldrop. The player was set for surgery. Manchester United then contemplated flying the player back home so that he could begin his rehabilitation.

The doctors later discovered two blood clots in his leg. According to the doctors, he needed another emergency operation. Luke Shaw was unaware at that moment to the inferences of the impediments if he had not proceeded his recovery in the Netherlands. Shaw was not aware of the injury until six months later when the doctor told him everything. After that, Luke Shaw was to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation that meant that he was to stay out for 11 months. He was not going to play football for all that time. The injury was severe and was it not for the professional doctors. He would have lost his limb.

During his rehabilitation, the Netherlands doctors were thinking of flying him back home. If Shaw was flown back home at the beginning, probably he would have lost his limb because of the clots. The Manchester United center-back was left with two scars on the side of his leg where the doctors had to cut so that they could pull out the clots. The player was not aware of what was going on with his leg. He came to learn six months later. Currently, Shaw’s leg is as good as it was before it fractured. While still recovering, Luke Shaw had contemplated retiring. The recovery was gruelling and it tortured him psychologically. He frequently visited a psychologist to assist him with his mental hard times. His life had become boring. He was doing the same things every day. The fracture prevented him from doing other things.


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