McDonald’s Finally Removes Preservatives from Big Mac


As the largest fast-food conglomerate in the world, McDonald’s has received a lot of publicity for the quality of their food. The majority of this attention has surrounded negative aspects such as the high levels of fat and preservatives in their burgers. In fact, some lawsuits have even been brought against McDonald’s in relation to these accusations. In response to these complaints and in tandem with the health-boom in the U.S., McDonald’s has gone through several years of reformation and redesign. The company just announced that a majority of their burger’s are now free of preservatives.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s publicly confirmed that some of their classic menu options would no longer be served with preservatives. These ingredients have caused a lot of buzz in the media for their potential to cause harm and health-related issues. Despite having a lot of research on the topic, many restaurants and producers in the United States are using preservatives. These ingredients help to keep food lasting longer while also maintaining flavor. McDonald’s has reformulated their buns and sauces to ensure that the Big Mac and the Quarter-Pounder with Cheese can be made without preservatives. The pickles on these sandwiches still contain artificial preservatives. Since customers can elect to remove this ingredient, McDonald’s still feels confident in claiming these menu items as preservative-free.

The United States has become much more health-conscious over the past decade. McDonald’s and other fast-food chains have been rethinking their menu items in order to appeal to the changing market. McDonald’s has been slowly removing preservatives for years in an effort to keep up with the changing tides. In 2016, McDonald’s successfully removed artificial preservatives from their chicken nuggets and took high-fructose corn syrup out of their buns. The inclusion of the Big Mac and Quarter-Pounder on the preservative-free list is another win for McDonald’s in their effort to offer more healthier options for customers.

McDonald’s has also made an effort in recent years to be more transparent with their food products. They offer nutrition facts for all of their menu items to provide customers with a better understanding of the macronutrient values. The Chicago-based company admitted that around one-third of its sandwiches still contained artificial components. These sandwiches still contain some artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or a mixture. Filet-O-Fish and Egg McMuffins are two items that still contain these ingredients. McDonald’s has not yet set a date for when these ingredients will be removed.


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