Nick Vertucci Embraces Failure and Learns to Succeed


Nick Vertucci found success in real estate, and he wanted to help others do the same thing that he had done, so he founded Nick Vertucci Companies and became its CEO. He had a vision that he would teach people how to invest in real estate. He also became a bestselling author when he released the book “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.”

Nick’s story is one of perseverance in the face of adversity. He started out as a poor boy in a family that had a hard time paying the bills. The situation didn’t seem as if it could get any worse, but it suddenly did after his father died when Nick was 10 years old. That wasn’t the end of the story for Nick Vertucci. He found his way to wealth when he started a computer accessories business, but after the “dot com” crash, he discovered that he was right back where he had started. Losing everything didn’t mean that he was finished. He is actually on top again and telling everyone how he did it.

College Was not the Way

Nick wasn’t a fan of going to school. He didn’t particularly enjoy getting up early to attend his classes, and he didn’t get particularly high grades. Therefore, he didn’t plan on continuing on to college after he graduated from high school.

When Nick turned 18 years old, he was left alone in the world without his family. He decided that he needed to be near them, so he purchased a van and parked it close by. The first job he got was as a delivery man, but he was ambitious, so it didn’t take long for him to move on to the company’s sales department.

The sales job was nice, but Nick knew that he needed something better, so he put himself on the road that would take him where he wanted to be. He knew that he had to do something that was worthwhile.

That thing was starting his own business at the age of 22, and he became a professional real estate investor. Nick Vertucci is so happy with himself right now that he wouldn’t want to do anything differently, and at the forefront are the lessons other people learn from his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Deliberate Risk

Nick says that people are hard-wired to adjust to the changes that come about in their lives. They aren’t willing to exchange their comfort and safety for the uncertainties in life. Nick states that if we are going to be the best at some activity, we have to allow something different to come into our lives.

Nick noticed one day that all of the people around him were moving up in their companies, and he started to wonder why he had to remain in a job that was going nowhere, took hours out of his life and left him exhausted. He asked himself why he couldn’t leave that existence and find one that would satisfy him much more.

Nick decided that he would leave familiarity behind and make a change. If he was going to take the next step in his career, he needed to act. He knew that he was the only person who would do it. Doors were not going to open for him, and opportunities were not going to present themselves unless he grabbed the wheel and started to steer the vehicle by himself. He tells everyone not to let anybody else make these kinds of decisions because they need to make them for themselves.

Nick encourages people to take the risks that they are currently afraid to take. You only need to get people who are negative out of your life. Those who think like you do will be much more optimistic and will help you go where you want to go.

Nick also says you shouldn’t be afraid of failure because failure is the best teacher.

In 2000, Nick became intimately acquainted with failure when the “dot com” bubble burst. At that time, he lost all of his assets, and his debts began to pile up one on top of the other. He was about to lose his house when he decided to enroll in a real estate academy, and it was a good thing that he did. This venture allowed him to free himself of his financial difficulties. He learned his lessons well at the academy and became a highly successful real estate investor. After that, he opened his own academy so that he could help others do what he had done. Now, he has a seven-figure company on his hands.

Before Nick could enjoy the fruits of his recent success, he had to experience some very bitter times. He lost his company and went bankrupt. His business partners cheated him out of his money, sued him in court, and many other negative things occurred. Now, he has the chance to tell everyone that he has helped many people realize their dreams.

Nick credits the adversities that he suffered with helping him build a business with a solid foundation. They also helped him gain the knowledge that he needs to cause that business to grow. He failed several times in the past, so he tells people that if they fall, they need to stand up, wipe the dust off of their clothes and then move forward.

There’s no reason to fear making a mistake. Nick advises his students to continue to move forward and reach the place that they want to be. They must know that there will be times when everything does not go as smoothly as they would like, but each misstep can teach them something new that will help propel them forward in the future.

Nick had wonderful mentors on his way up the real estate investment ladder, and one of them told him that he has to ignore the voices in his head that are telling him that he can’t make it. He had to learn to turn those negative inclinations into optimistic and passionate statements. Instead of hopelessness, tell yourself that you can do it!

A New Beginning

Nick set himself on a path toward something better when he invited a business partner into his new cash flow business. He and his partner renovated houses in foreclosure and turned them into rental properties. Then, Nick met a man who owned a real estate training company. He and his business partner got together with the real estate gentleman, and Nick started to teach a cash flow course. The students in this class became the investors in his real estate business.

Things were going well for a while, but the company began to see hard times. It turned out that the brand was not protected, and they started to lose business. Not as many people were interested in the training that Nick was offering, and profits went down. Nick’s business partner’s income was going down as a result. While this was going on, Nick continued to have success training his students and selling refurbished properties.

Nick’s business partner and the owner of the real estate company were not on friendly terms, but Nick started to notice when these two men started to become pals. At first, he was happy with that, but he sensed that the relationship between the three of them had cooled. The real estate company’s owner began to believe that Nick was no longer needed.

Nick found out that his two closest friends had pushed him out of their business. He reacted by becoming extremely depressed without a reason to get out of bed in the morning. He felt so rejected that he didn’t have any energy to fight. On top of that, his partner found a way to keep from paying Nick the money he was owed from the company. He felt lost at that point.

The Turnaround

Nick took his own advice and got back to work. He developed another partnership, but this one turned out not to be exactly right. That’s when the partner suggested that Nick start a real estate training company. He resisted at first, but he discovered that he missed teaching his real estate courses. He agreed to get together with his new partner and begin again.

The latest version of his business caused him to revert back to training he had received from a mentor. That mentor told him that he had to interrupt negative thinking. Nick realized that he was having many negative thoughts, but the only thought that he was really having was, “I’m afraid of failure.” After he came to that conclusion, he was able to “pattern interrupt” and bring a new, positive thought into his mind that made it possible for him to move forward with his business.

It may be that your family and friends are the ones who are giving you negative thoughts. Nick says that you may find that you cannot spend as much time with these people as you ordinarily do. Instead, remember Nick’s message of “See it. Map it. Execute it.” Then, read his book.


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